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Animal welfare - non-commercial movement of birds Power

An officer of the LA (a designated “competent authority” for the purposes of Article 10 in relation to Commission Decision 2007/25/EC as regards certain protection measures in relation to highly pathogenic avian influenza and movements of pet birds accompanying their owners into the Community) may serve a written notice on the person accompanying the bird, requiring that person to— (a) return the bird to its country of origin, (b) place the bird in quarantine for such period, at such place and subject to such conditions as may be specified in the notice, or (c) where the return or quarantine of the bird is not possible, cause the bird to be destroyed by a date specified in the notice. Where a notice is not complied with, an officer of the LA may seize the bird, detain it and arrange for it to be treated as required by the notice at the expense of the person on whom notice is served.
25 May 2016
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