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Number of female students achieving TechBacc (9588) Metric type

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This is the number of female students achieving level 3 TechBacc

The TechBacc is awarded to students taking advanced programmes of study who achieve a Tech Level, level 3 maths and Extended Project Qualification.
The 16-18 school and college performance headline measures changed in 2016, as a result of previously announced government reforms to the way schools and colleges are held to account for their performance. Results for 2019/20 and 2020/21 includes grades awarded to students, when exams and assessments were cancelled, due to Covid-19 and are not comparable with earlier years.

Local authority, region and the total (state-funded sector) figures cover all state-funded mainstream schools, academies, free schools, city technology colleges (CTCs), state-funded special schools and FE sector colleges. Excludes pupil referral units (PRUs), alternative provision (AP), hospital schools, non-maintained special schools, other government department funded colleges, independent schools, independent special schools and independent schools approved to take pupils with special educational needs (SEN).

Values of 1 or 2, or a percentage based on 1 or 2 pupils are suppressed. Regional level figures are rounded down to the nearest 5.
09 Nov 2021
Data last updated
23 Jun 2022
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Number of female students achieving TechBacc
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