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Percentage of pupils reaching the expected standard in maths at Key stage 1 - pupils who are girls (9472) Metric type

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This is the number of girls reaching the expected standard in maths at Key Stage 1 (KS1) as a percentage of the number of girls at the end of KS1. Includes pupils working at the expected standard and pupils working at greater depth within the expected standard.

The KS1 assessments are teacher assessments for each pupil at the end of key stage 1 (typically aged 7) and are based on a broad range of evidence from across the curriculum and knowledge of how a pupil has performed over time and in a variety of contexts.
New key stage 1 assessments were introduced in 2016 to assess the new, more challenging national curriculum and the expected standard was raised. As a result, figures from 2016 onwards are not comparable to earlier years.

Local authority, region and the total (state-funded sector) figures cover achievements in state-funded schools only (including academies).

Values of 1 or 2, or a percentage based on 1 or 2 pupils who achieved or 0,1 or 2 pupils who did not achieve a particular level are suppressed.
03 Apr 2020
Data last updated
13 Nov 2019
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% of pupils reaching the expected standard in maths at KS1 - girls
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Percent working at expected level
Mathematics Key stage 1
Phonics screening check and key stage 1 assessments: England
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