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Percentage of pupils reaching the expected standard at the end of key stage 2 in reading, writing and mathematics - girls (6082) Metric type

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This is the percentage of girls in state funded primary schools reaching the expected standard in reading, writing and mathematics (RWM) at Key Stage 2.

The expected standard in reading and mathematics is a scaled score of 100 or above. The expected standard in writing is a teacher assessment of 'working at the expected standard' (EXS) or 'working at greater depth within the expected standard' (GDS).

The new expected standards were designed to be broadly similar but are not equivalent to an old level 4b. The performance descriptors, used by teachers in the standard setting process, were developed with an understanding of the performance of pupils working at level 4b. However, given the curricula differences, there is not a direct equivalence between the new expected standard and level 4b in previous years and data pre-2016 are not directly comparable.

All children in state funded primary schools, including most academies and free schools, are required to take part in key stage 2 national curriculum assessments before they more to secondary school.

Tests and teacher assessments provide complementary information about pupils' attainment. The tests are designed to show what pupils have achieved in selected parts of a subject at the end of each key stage. Teacher assessment is the teachers' judgement of each pupil's performance in the whole subject over the whole academic year.

The description 'state-funded primary schools' refers to those schools maintained by the local authority, including academies, free schools and city technology colleges (CTCs). Figures for hospital schools and pupil referral units are excluded. The 'England state-funded schools' figures here may be slightly different from the 'England state-funded schools only' figures in the national tables. The figures presented here have been calculated on the same basis as the LA figures in this table (i.e. including pupils with missing results or pending maladministration).
03 Apr 2020
Data last updated
18 Feb 2020
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% of pupils reaching the expected standard at KS2 in RWM - girls
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Attainment at the end of key stage 2 in reading, writing and mathematics
National curriculum assessments at Key Stage 2 (KS2)
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