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Percentage of pupils achieving English Baccalaureate (EBacc) - pupils who are girls (6023) Metric type

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This is the number of girls achieving the English Baccalaureate (EBacc) as a percentage of the number of girls at the end of KS4.

The English Baccalaureate (EBacc) was first introduced into the performance tables in 2009/10. It allows people to see how many pupils get a grade C or above in the core academic subjects at key stage 4. The EBacc is made up of English, maths, science, a language, and history or geography.

Data prior to 2013/14 is not directly comparable with later periods due to two major reforms 1. Professor Alison Wolf's Review of Vocational Education recommendations which: restrict the qualifications counted; prevent any qualification from counting as larger than one GCSE; and introduced a cap on the number of non-GCSEs included in performance measures at two per pupil. 2. An early entry policy to only count a pupil's first attempt at a qualification. https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/399238/SFR_02_2015-revised_GCSE_and_equivalents.pdf

Local authority, region and the total (state-funded sector) figures cover achievements in state-funded schools only. They do not include pupils recently arrived from overseas.
03 Apr 2020
Data last updated
09 Feb 2017
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% achieving EBacc - girls
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Percentage of pupils at the end of KS4
Achievement of the English Baccalaureate (EBacc) by SEN provision
GCSEs (key stage 4)
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