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Additional affordable homes provided as a percentage of all net additional homes (185) Metric type

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This has been derived based on net additional homes provided and the number of affordable homes delivered. This expresses a simple count of affordable housing units provided - newly built, including gains from conversions such as subdivision, or acquired, as a percentage of the net increase in overall dwelling stock over one year, calculated as the sum of new build completions, minus demolitions, plus any gains or losses through change of use and conversions. Net additions does not includes new delivery and acquisitions to the existing stock. This should be considered alongside the actual numbers reported for affordable dwellings and overall new dwellings, however as these are given as absolute values for each area care should be taken when drawing any comparisons with other areas. Some percentages therefore may be over 100%

New build figures figures are from the annual 'housing supply; net additional dwelllings' statistical release may not correspond to new build data from the quarterly 'Housing supply: indicators of supply' building control reported completions statistical release.

New build data collected for 'net additions dwellings' is more comprehensive, as collection is over a longer time period, is based on all available evidence (eg site visits, council tax records, planning databases, building control records and any other sources), and may pick up some elements missing from the quarterly P2 and AIR collections (which are based on building control reported completions only).
14 Jan 2022
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Additional affordable homes provided as a percentage of all net additional homes
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Percentage of all net additional homes
Table 1008C: Total additional affordable dwellings provided by local authority area - Completions
Live tables on affordable housing supply
Department for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities
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