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Total number of female patients registered at a GP practice (By patient location) (17232) Metric type

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This is the total number of female patients of all ages registered at a GP on the first day of the month for that quarter. This snapshot is based on the registered home address of the patient using totals taken from the Primary Care Registration database within the NHAIS (National Health Application and Infrastructure Services) system.

The data is published at Lower Layer Super Output Areas (LSOA) and therefore a patient may not be resident in the same area as their GP practice. Anyone regardless of nationality and residential status, including homeless patients and those with no immigration status, may register with a GP without charge. A small number of patient's locations are either unknown or outside England and therefore geographical aggregations may produce slightly lower totals.

The outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) has led to changes in the work of General Practices and subsequently would have impacted the patient numbers within this publication.
05 May 2022
Data last updated
14 Jul 2022
Short label
Total no. of female patients registered at a GP practice
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not applicable
Number of patients
Registered patients by place of residence
Patients Registered at a GP Practice
NHS Digital
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