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Finished admission episodes with a primary or secondary diagnosis of obesity per 100,000 population - Female (15459) Metric type

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This is the rate of finished admission episodes with a primary or secondary diagnosis of obesity per 100,000 female population. A secondary diagnosis of obesity does not necessarily indicate obesity as a contributing factor for the admission, but may instead indicate that obesity is a factor relevant to a patient's episode of care.

A finished admission episode (FAE) is the first period of inpatient care under one consultant within one healthcare provider. FAEs are counted against the year in which the admission episode finishes. Admissions do not represent the number of inpatients, as a person may have more than one admission within the year.

The primary diagnosis is the first of up to 20 diagnosis fields in the Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) data set and provides the main reason why the patient was admitted to hospital. As well as the primary diagnosis, there are up to 19 secondary diagnosis fields in Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) that show other diagnoses relevant to the episode of care. These figures represent the number of episodes where the diagnosis was recorded in any of the 20 primary and secondary diagnosis fields in the record. Each episode is only counted once in each count, even if the diagnosis is recorded in more than one diagnosis field of the record.

Admissions per 100,000 population are age standardised using the European Standard Population. Population data are taken from Office for National Statistics resident population estimates.

England total may include a small number of admissions for persons of no fixed abode. This data excludes persons resident outside of England. No district council data is available.
03 Sep 2021
Data last updated
26 Aug 2021
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Finished admission episodes with a primary/secondary obesity diagnosis per 100,000 population - Female
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Per 100,000 population
Finished Admission Episodes with a primary or secondary diagnosis of obesity
Obesity, Physical Activity and Diet
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