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Proportion of life spent disability-free at birth - female (15243) Metric type

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This is the expected remaining proportion of life spent disability-free for females aged under 1 year. Disability-free life expectancy (DFLE) is an estimate of expected years of life spent without a self-reported limiting long-standing illness or disability. Figures are based on the number of deaths registered and mid-year population estimates, aggregated over three consecutive years. DFLE is calculated using self-reports of activity limiting illness from survey data, and is therefore a measure of functional health status, which has relevance for fitness for work and independent living. DFLE divides expected years of life into those spent living with and without a limiting long-standing illness or disability (LLSI). It is important to track the rate of improvement in DFLE against the improvement in LE as this has implications for the duration of time that, on average, people will live in a favourable state of functional health.

DFLE at a given age for a specific period and population (i.e. those residing in private households in a local authority area) is an estimate of the average number of years a person would live without a limiting long-standing illness or disability (LLSI) if he/she experienced the specified population's age-specific mortality and LLSI or disability rates for that time period throughout the rest of his/her life.

The figures reflect the mortality and health status of a population in a given time period rather than those born in an area. It is not therefore the number of years that a person will actually expect to live in the various health states, both because the death rates and health status rates of the specified population are likely to change in the future and because some of those in the specified population may live elsewhere for part of their lives. Valid comparisons of change over time both within and between areas can only be made using distinct (non-overlapping) periods of data.
23 Apr 2021
Data last updated
04 Mar 2022
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% of life spent disability-free at birth - female
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Proportion of life at birth
Disability free life expectancy
Health and life expectancies
Office for National Statistics
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