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Total number of people sleeping rough - Female (13276) Metric type

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Snapshot of the gender of people sleeping rough. This is the female count.

Definition: People sleeping rough are defined as those sleeping or about to bed down in open air locations and other places including tents and make shift shelters. The snapshot does not include people in hostels or shelters, sofa surfers or those in recreational or organised protest, squatter or traveller campsites. The snapshot records only those people seen, or thought to be, sleeping rough on a single night. The snapshot does not include everyone in an area with a history of sleeping rough, or everyone sleeping rough in areas across the October to November period.

The annual rough sleeping snapshot can take place on a single date chosen by the local authority between 1st October and 30th November. The snapshot takes place in the autumn, rather than Summer where numbers are likely to be higher due to warmer temperatures, or Winter, where numbers may be lower as there are more temporary night shelters set up to ensure people do not sleep on the streets in very cold weather.

Local authorities across England take an annual Autumn snapshot of rough sleeping using either a count-based estimate of visible rough sleeping, an evidence-based estimate meeting with local partners, or an evidence-based estimate meeting including a spotlight count in specific areas.

Local authorities, together with local partners decide which approach and date to use for their snapshot of rough sleeping. They are advised to use the approach that will most accurately reflect the number of people sleeping rough in their area.

The snapshot is collated by outreach workers, local charities and community groups and is independently verified by Homeless Link.
26 Feb 2021
Data last updated
23 Jun 2022
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Total rough sleeping - Snapshot - Female
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a low value is good
Annual Rough Sleeping Snapshot in England
Annual Rough Sleeping Snapshot in England: Autumn
Department for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities
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