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Household projections, one person households headed by females aged 55-64 (2014 Based) (10139) Metric type

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This is the projected number of female households (Hhlds) headed by someone aged55-64 in the reference year based on the 2014 based projections. One person Hhlds are where a person is living alone who shares neither housekeeping nor a living room with anyone else.

The 2014-based household projections are linked to the Office for National Statistics 2014-based population projections. Household Projections, are not an assessment of housing need and do not take account of future policies. They are an indication of the likely increase in households given the continuation of recent demographic trends.

Sub regional household projections are less robust than those at the regional level, particularly for those areas with relatively small numbers of households and projections become increasingly uncertain the further they are carried forward due to the inherent uncertainty of demographic behaviour. This should be taken into account in using the figures. Due to rounding totals may not equal the sum of the parts.
31 May 2020
Data last updated
13 Apr 2021
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One person Hhlds, females aged 55-64 (2014 Based)
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Detailed data for modelling and analytical purposes: Household projections stage 2: households
Household projections and estimates - 2014 Based
Department for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities
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