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Subjects list Discontinued

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Business and industry Subject Discontinued

  • Commercial activities and companies
  • Industry

Education and skills Subject Discontinued

  • Classes (education and training)
  • Education and learning
  • Studying

Employment, jobs and careers Subject Discontinued

  • Employing people
  • Employment
  • Jobs and careers

Environment Subject Discontinued

  • Natural resources

Health, well-being and care Subject Discontinued

  • Health and social care
  • Well-being

Housing Subject Discontinued

  • Accommodation (housing)
  • Finding a home
  • Overcrowded dwellings
  • Property (housing)
  • Real estate (residential)

Leisure and culture Subject Discontinued

  • Arts and entertainment
  • Arts, recreation and travel

Life in the community Subject Discontinued

  • Communities
  • Community and living
  • Neighbourhoods
  • People, communities and living
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