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Local government services list

16 to 19 bursary fund (1614) Service

Those aged between 16 and 19 years who think they might struggle with the costs for full-time education or training, may be eligible for a bursary.

Abandoned shopping trolleys (1152) Service

Abandoned shopping trolleys have a negative impact on the quality of the local environment and can be hazardous to pedestrians, cyclists and road users. Local Authorities are permitted to seize, store and dispose of abandoned shopping trolleys within their area.

Abandoned vehicles (372) Service

The local council will deal with any vehicles reported as abandoned on local roads or property (usually including private property). The vehicle will be removed.

Abnormal load notification (785) Service

A haulier who intend to move an abnormal load such as gross weight exceeding 40 tonnes or more must notify and gain consent from the police or the local authority..

Accessibility of local facilities (1466) Service

Information on the accessibility of spaces and buildings available to the public such as shops, theatres, leisure centres, parks, transport facilties etc. in the local area In the UK this information is often provided in conjunction with DisabledGo.

Accessibility of Web sites (853) Service

The local authority is expected to provide information via its web site in a way which is accessible to all citizens and to advise citizens of the steps it has taken to meet the required government standards on accessibility

Accident reporting (429) Service

Employers have a duty to report certain dangerous occurrences and accidents at work to the Local Authority who will investigate any incidents. The outcome of these enquiries usually involves the giving of advice to the employer. If a blatant breach of requirements is identified as the main reason for an accident happening, then formal action will be taken.

Accommodation certificates (650) Service

The certificate shows that a property is considered to provide a safe and healthy environment for the occupants and that the property satisfies overcrowding standards. Anyone requiring a visa application to enter and to reside in the UK with relatives, on a permanent or semi-permanent basis, will need the certificate.

Activities for children and young people (642) Service

Information about sporting, cultural and social activities in the local area for children and young people. Activities may be available on a drop-in basis or may require a regular commitment.

Activities for older people (640) Service

Provision of leisure activities for older people within the community. This may include cultural, sporting and other organised social activities.

Acupuncturist registration (681) Service

All persons that carry out acupuncture are required to be registered with the local authority. Officers will visit the premises to ensure they comply with the requirements of all relevant legislation.

Adoption (160) Service

The local authority attempts to find adoptive homes for children who are no longer able to live in their own homes. The authority reviews applications from prospective adoptive parents to assess suitability. Ongoing support is provided for adopted children and their new families.

Adoption support services (1828) Service

A local authority, where requested to do so, will carry out an assessment for adoption support services and, where the assessment identifies a need, will provide such services or arrange for them to be provided. The authority will also appoint an adoption support services adviser to provide advice and information to anyone affected by an adoption or proposed adoption.

Adult care plan (1757) Service

Following a social care assessment the council will work with any adult who has social care needs to create a care plan which will detail how any eligible needs are to be met. The plan may also suggest ways of meeting needs for which the individual is not eligible to receive help from the council.

Adult carers advice and support (225) Service

Provision of advice and support for adult carers who care for the elderly, children with special needs and adults with physical or learning disabilities. Carers may be entitled to receive additional help and support for their own needs from the local authority.

Adult education and learning (27) Service

Provision of ddult learning opportunities which can increase skills to support learners into work, enable attendees to gain qualifications, help attendees to meet new friends or simply find new hobbies or interests. Courses may be available full time, part time or online.

Adult hospice care (293) Service

Provision of information about hospices in the area for terminally ill people and their carers.

Adult placement (1121) Service

The Adult Placement Scheme helps approved Adult Placement Carers (ordinary people from the local community) to share their home and time with someone in need. It is similar to fostering but for adults.

Adult residential care (292) Service

Residential or nursing home for elderly people and people with disabilities who are unable to manage at home.

Advertisement control (1082) Service

Planning permission is required for certain types of advertisements and advertisements in specified areas. Copies of a Direction made under the relevant legislation must be kept open to inspection.

Advice for young people (700) Service

Integrated advice, guidance and access to personal development opportunities for young people aged between 13 and 19 to help them make a smooth transition to adulthood and working life

Advice to businesses and voluntary organisations (349) Service

Providing advice to new or existing businesses and voluntary organisations in the area on all aspects of running a business from starting a business to property, tax, employment law, business rates etc.

Advocacy for carers (162) Service

Advocacy on behalf of carers may include raising awareness of carers issues and helping to keep them on the agenda of all relevant agencies, setting out key values and principles for services to carers in the form of a local Carers Charter and improving the quality and increasing the availability of information to carers.

Advocacy for social care clients (728) Service

Providing access to someone who can advocate on behalf of a social services client to ensure that they receive equal rights by writing letters, making phone calls, liaising with relevant agencies etc. on the clients behalf.

Affordable housing (1123) Service

Housing provided at below market prices and allocated on the basis of need to people who live or work in the area or need to move to the local area to receive/provide support and who are unable to afford to purchase or rent houses generally available on the open market without financial assistance..

Air handling units (411) Service

Ventilation and air-conditioning systems which are poorly installed or maintained may be a health risk to the public. The local authority can provide advice and guidance on all aspects of installation and can require that detailed plans are submitted for inspection prior to installation of new units. This particularly applies to catering establishments.

Air quality (413) Service

Each council has responsibility for measuring the quality of ambient air to ensure that it meets required standards in relation to the concentration of a defined range of pollutants such as lead, nitrogen dioxide, benzene etc. The local authority is also required to keep a copy of any orders made under relevant legislation.

Alarm notification area (1600) Service

The council can declare any part of their area as an alarm notification area. Anyone who has an intruder alarm fitted to their property (business or residential) is required by law to nominate a key holder and notify the council of their details.

Alcohol advice and support (727) Service

This service provides counselling advice and support for people affected by alcohol abuse/dependency.

Alley gating (657) Service

This service provides installation of security gates across footpaths and alleyways in residential areas and housing estates in order to combat crime.

Allocated council homes (86) Service

The local authority will allocate vacant properties according to priority on the housing register and suitability for the available property. New tenants will be required to sign a tenancy agreement prior to occupation of a property.

Allotments (510) Service

Plots of land for use to grow vegetables, fruit and flowers available for rent by local citizens. Water supplies, sheds/storage and skips are usually provided on allotment sites, car parking may also be available. The authority will determine the regulations concerning the use of allotments and is responsible for ensuring adequate security (fences etc.) is provided.

Alternative care providers (732) Service

Independent agencies who provide care for adults and children within the local area. Care agencies may provide any from the range of care services such as residential care, care at home, sheltered housing and day care. The council may use these agencies to provide care services.

Alternative provision of education (1765) Service

Alternative provision is for pupils who can not attend mainstream school for a variety of reasons, such as school exclusion, behaviour issues, short or long-term illness, school refusal or teenage pregnancy. Alternative provision may be in a special school, a pupil referral unit, alternative learning unit in school or provided by the council or with independent specialist providers.

Animal by-products enforcement (1774) Service

The local authority is responsible for ensuring that anyone in the area who works with animal by-products complies with regulations including those on how to process, transport, store and dispose of such products.

Animal health (1823) Service

Trading standards are responsible for monitoring and investigating animal health and welfare of livestock (particularly at markets and during transport) within the council area, ensuring animals are treated correctly and not caused unnecessary suffering.

Animal importation (772) Service

In order to ensure that animal diseases are not imported controls are in place which rely primarily on imported animals being accompanied by health certification and being subject to post-import veterinary inspection. Implementation of import regulations is the responsibility of the port authority into which the animals are imported.

Animal inspection (788) Service

Local authorities inspect farms and land to: prevent outbreaks of animal disease, prevent environmental pollution, check farmers comply with regulations, provide advice at the request of farmers and to investigate complaints

Animal welfare (434) Service

The animal welfare sections responds to both reports from the public, and undertakes proactive patrols. The aims of the service are to protect local wildlife, to prevent nuisance from pet animals or from the keeping or boarding of pet animals and to reduce the risk to animal health arising from commercial keeping of pet or similar non-livestock animals.

Anti-social behaviour - solvent abuse (1483) Service

Police and partner agencies deal with reported incidents of noise and rowdy behaviour in public places resulting from solvent abuse

Anti-social behaviour - begging and vagrancy (1480) Service

Police and partner agencies deal with reported incidents of begging and vagrancy in the local area

Anti-social behaviour - hoax or false calls to emergency services (1481) Service

Police and partner agencies deal with hoax calls made to emergency services.

Anti-social behaviour - inconsiderate or nuisance (1484) Service

Police and partner agencies deal with reported incidents of noise and rowdy behaviour in public places which is causing a nuisance to other members of the public

Anti-social behaviour - malicious or nuisance communication (1482) Service

Police and partner agencies deal with reported incidents malicious or nuisance communication to members of the public

Anti-social behaviour - neighbour nuisance (1485) Service

Police and partner agencies deal with incidents of noise and rowdy behaviour in private property which is causing a nuisance to neighbours

Anti-social behaviour - street drinking (1486) Service

Police and partner agencies deal with incidents of noise and rowdy behaviour as a result of street drinking

Anti-social behaviour - vehicle (1487) Service

Police and partner agencies deal with incidents of noise and rowdy behaviour involving vehicles

Approved suppliers (369) Service

An approved list of suppliers and or contractors is maintained and is amended as required from time to time by the local authority. Local businesses may apply to be placed on the list of approved suppliers for work to be carried out for or on behalf of the council

Archaeological consultancy (618) Service

Provision of archaeological services and consultancy to both commercial and public sector clients in the local area. May offer talks, exhibitions to the public and to local schools.

Archaeological excavations and surveys (619) Service

Protection and conservation of historic sites which includes advising on planning proposals for new developments where the development may impact on archaeological sites and monuments.

Archive loans, donations, bequests and sales (604) Service

Information of local interest which is available for viewing by the community are often donated, bequeathed or loaned to the records office by local residents and historians. The local authority should have a standard agreement which is used to details terms of the loan or donation.

Archive withdrawals (605) Service

A depositor may permanently withdraw their records at any time, provided notice is given to the Record Office. During this period of notice, the local authority reserves the right to copy the records and to make these copies available for private research

Archives (448) Service

Archives are original documents produced by official bodies, societies and individuals that are no longer in current use. The council may provide a way for local residents and business to view their archives, often in a local library.

Area waste strategy (877) Service

The Aim of an Area Waste Plan (AWP) is to contribute to the sustainable development of the area by developing waste management systems that will control waste generation, reduce its environmental impact, improve resource efficiency, stimulate investment and maximise the economic opportunities arising from waste. The AWP covers all types of waste (household, commercial, industrial) but initially focuses on municipal waste (MW).

Armed forces community covenant (1654) Service

The aim of the community covenant is to encourage local communities to support the service community in their area and promote understanding and awareness among the public of issues affecting the armed forces community.

Arson investigation (1603) Service

Investigation of the cause of fires where arson is suspected.

Arson reduction (800) Service

Advice on measures which can be taken by businesses and residents to reduce the likelihood of arson on their premises.

Art commissions (1372) Service

A local administration may commission works of art from local or other artists for display in public buildings or other art exhibitions in the area.

Arts and creative classes (1791) Service

Creative arts classes enabling local residents the opportunity to discover and/or develop their creative potential

Arts development (884) Service

Support and development of arts in the local community. This is typically achieved by by giving residents the opportunity to take part in arts activities and also by providing information and support to local artists, arts groups and members of the public. The local authority may run arts projects in the community and work with local artists and other groups to plan future arts activity.

Arts organisations and events (838) Service

Provision of information and advice on local arts organisations, exhibitions and events.

Asbestos management (415) Service

Residents and business may be given advice on what to do if they believe asbestos may be present in a building. Council inspectors may visit the premises to confirm the presence of asbestos and advise on procedures for removal and disposal.

Assisted garden maintenance (147) Service

Garden maintenance for elderly (aged 60 or over) or disabled tenants who are not capable of doing the work themselves.

Asylum seekers and refugee support (77) Service

Provision of temporary accommodation, meals and other advice and support for asylum seekers waiting for an application for refugee status to be assessed by the government and for refugees.

Attending arson incidents (1474) Service

Fire and rescue services will attend and deal with reported incidents of arson or suspected arson.

Attending automatic fire alarms (801) Service

The local fire authority can provide advice to residents and business on the installation of automatic fire alarms and on the testing of such alarm systems following installation or any building/redecoration work undertaken in the alarmed area.

Attending fires (815) Service

The fire services directs emergency calls to the emergency call handling centre which routes all calls for an area to fire control. Control will confirm with the address of the incident and help will be despatched immediately.

Auction premises licence (379) Service

Any premises used for public auctions must be registered unless the auction is a one day charity event. In this case, proof of charity status will be required. There is an application fee which must be paid at the time the application is made.

Autism strategy (1728) Service

Development and publication of a strategy which sets out the vision, aims, objectives and plans of both health and social care for adults aged 18+ years who have or are seeking a diagnosis of autism.

Bathing waters (1775) Service

A local authority is responsible for publishing information about any bathing waters (coastal or otherwise) in it's area. Information to be published includes the water quality classification and any public health information (health risks) relating to the use of the water for swimming. Information is published between May 15th and September 30th each year.

Beach patrols (756) Service

This service generally operates during the hours of popular use of a beach. Its purpose is primarily to ensure the safety of beach users and to prevent anti-social behaviour which disturbs other beach users.

Behaviour development in schools (896) Service

Educational psychologists work closely with teachers and parents to help children who are having difficulties with: Learning and general development, including reading, writing, spelling and numbers; Emotions and behaviour; Making good relationships with other children and with adults.

Benefit fraud (726) Service

The local authority aim to detect and prevent any fraudulent benefit claims, stopping and reducing payment in fraudulent cases and preventing over-payment claims.

Benefits advice and assessment (190) Service

Advisors offering benefit assessment and providing advice about entitlement to welfare benefits to individuals in receipt of benefit or claiming benefit.

Bereavement support (328) Service

Provision of support and advice to relatives about the arrangements that need to be made after a bereavement, such as registering the death and obtaining a death certificate.

Birth certificate amendments (320) Service

Re-registration of a birth may be required if there is a need to change the details of the original registration because of a change of circumstances. Corrections may be necessary if a mistake was made on the original registration. Both are carried out by the Register Office.

Birth registration (319) Service

Registration of a birth. Every birth in England or Wales must be registered in the district in which it takes place within 42 days of the date of birth. In Scotland, a birth must be registered in any Registration Office in Scotland within 21 days.

Boarding animals licence (374) Service

Anyone who carries on the business of providing accommodation for other people's cats and dogs is required to have a licence. The aim of the licensing requirements is to achieve certain standards in the management of the accommodation and to ensure precautions against disease and fire.

Boat and trailer parking (757) Service

The local port/harbour authority may provide boat/trailer parking for rent daily, overnight or for longer periods. This may also apply to inland lakes/reservoirs where sailing is available.

Boat launching and recovery (762) Service

Port and harbour authorities and local authorities with coastline or inland waterways provide slipways which may be used for the launch and recovery of trailed boats.

Boat moorings (758) Service

Provision of permanent and/or temporary boat moorings for boat owners. Moorings will be subject to charge and may be subject to restrictions (time, vessel size etc.). All boat owners are required to have a permanent mooring for their vessel.

Boat registration (763) Service

Personal watercraft users must register their craft with the local authority in order to use its beaches or launches to launch their craft. Users will generally need to prove their competence in order to obtain a permit.

Boat waste disposal (769) Service

Provision of waste reception facilities for all port users including pleasure boats, private yachts/boats and houseboats

Boat winter storage (771) Service

Winter storage facilities for boats and other watercraft can be offered by the local authority (or port authority). The authority processes applications for winter storage and maintains records of stored vessels.

Boatman's licence (741) Service

Any person wishing to become a boatman must obtain a license. 'Boatman' refers to a person or operators who wish to hire out boats or crafts. There are two types of licence that can be obtained, restricted, which applies only to persons on the shore or pier or a full boatman's licence, which applies to persons who assist in the charge and navigation of pleasure boats, craft or vessels to be let for hire or be used for carrying passengers for hire.

Book exhibitions (43) Service

The library services department offers schools book exhibitions of currently available children's fiction, non fiction and picture books.

Bookstart (1601) Service

Bookstart offers the gift of free books to all children at two key ages before they start school, to inspire a love of reading that will give children a flying start in life.

Bridge strengthening (554) Service

Work carried out under the strengthening programme gives priority to principal road bridges. For substandard bridges on the non-principal road network, decisions are made whether to permanently weight restrict rather than strengthen.

Brownfield land register (1797) Service

Each planning authority must keep and maintain a register of brownfield land in it's area. Brownfield land is land which has been previously developed and which might be suitable for housing development. Registers may be kept in two parts. The first part (which is mandatory) is for sites categorised as previously developed land which are suitable, available and achievable for residential development. The second part of the register (which is optional) allows the planning authority to select sites from part one and grant permission in principle (PiP) for housing-led development. Further guidance can be found at http://schemas.opendata.esd.org.uk/brownfield.

Building and landscape design (668) Service

Ensuring that new development meets local criteria in respect of land use, practicality (drainage, parking, access etc.) and environmental considerations.

Building control (499) Service

The council is responsible for ensuring that buildings are properly designed and constructed so as to ensure the health, safety, welfare and convenience of people using them. All buildings should comply with the current building regulations. The local authority inspect plans for new buildings to check compliance with regulations and periodically inspect the site during construction to ensure approved plans are adhered to. In Scotland the local authority is responsible for ensuring that the construction, alteration, extension, demolition and conversion of buildings are conducted so as to ensure the health, safety, welfare and convenience of citizens. The local authority will inspect plans for new buildings to check compliance with regulations and periodically inspect sites during construction to ensure approved plans are adhered to. When the local authority is satisfied that with the plans they will issue a Building Warrant the legal permission to commence.

Building control enforcement (1157) Service

Building control enforcement is a formal procedure available to Local Authorities which enables them to ensure that building work complies with the national Building Regulations.

Building materials licence (383) Service

A licence is required for placing building materials on any part of a highway. Licences are only issued in exceptional circumstances for any duration up to a month. The applicant can extend this before the granted licence expires.

Bulky household waste collections (528) Service

Arrangements for special collections for large items such as furniture or items with special disposal requirements (e.g. refrigerators, tyres). The householder can usually book this service in advance and there may be a charge for the collection

Bus lanes and routes (1599) Service

Provision of lanes on bus routes which are typically restricted to use by buses, coaches and taxis. Operating days and times may vary according to location.

Bus passes for disabled or older people (280) Service

A bus pass (or other travel concession) is available to local citizens if they are aged 60 and over, they are physically disabled, they have a learning difficulty or they would be refused a driving licence. Eligibility is automatic if the applicant is already in receipt of other services as a result of their age/disability.

Bus stops and shelters (637) Service

The local authority offers advice concerning the positioning of bus stop signs and bus shelters. The provision and maintenance of bus shelters is normally the responsibility of the local transport authority.

Business awards (690) Service

Awards made to local businesses by the council to disseminate the lessons learned from successful businesses - their skills, achievements and innovations provide valuable inspiration to the business community and help inspire business leaders of the future.

Business centres (1618) Service

Provision of office and industrial business space for rent to businesses in the local community.

Business continuity advice (914) Service

Provision of advice on business continuity management in the event of a civil emergency to local businesses and voluntary organisations

Business co-operatives (351) Service

A co-operative is a way for two or more people to go into business together and reducing personal financial risk. The council can help set up a new co-operative in any sector or help existing co-operatives by providing advice and information on issues such as business planning, finding premises, legal advice, business information, suppliers etc.

Business directories (1036) Service

Provision of a directory which provides details of local businesses.

Business grants (350) Service

Providing business grants to new businesses, existing businesses who want to grow or businesses who want to move to the local area.

Business improvement districts (BID) (1693) Service

A business improvement district (BID) is a defined area within which businesses pay an additional tax (or levy) in order to fund projects within the district's boundaries. The BID is often funded primarily through the levy but can also draw on other public and private funding streams. BIDs provide services, such as cleaning streets, providing security, making capital improvements, construction of pedestrian and streetscape enhancements, and marketing the area. The services provided by BIDs are supplemental to those already provided by the Local Authority.

Business rate relief (55) Service

Business owners may be eligible for reductions in their business rates. Examples of reductions are transitional relief, empty properties, charity relief, rural rate relief and hardship relief. The council provides advice on eligibility for rate reductions and will provide application forms and process applications for reductions.

Business rate supplement (1672) Service

County councils, unitary district councils and the Greater London Authority are entitled to levy a supplement on the national non-domestic rate (or business rate). Authorities will be able to use the proceeds to fund additional investment aimed at promoting the economic development of local areas.

Business rates account enquiries (56) Service

Local businesses can apply to the council for information about their own business rates such as a statement of their account, details of their property valuation etc. New businesses must apply to the council for a valuation of their property and to set up a new business rate account.

Business rates annual notification (54) Service

Providing local business with information on who is required to pay business rates, how business rates are calculated for a property (valuation), how to pay business rates.

Business security advice (692) Service

Help and advice to businesses who seek assistance to secure their properties and upgrade security. This may include independent security risk assessments, help in conducting security surveys in conjunction with council grant schemes, information to businesses about developing crime problems, crime trends and criminal activity.

Business security grants (693) Service

Grants towards the installation of security systems for local businesses. Funding may be available to cover alarms, closed circuit television, security grills and shutters, security fencing, anti-ram posts, security landscaping etc.

Business sponsorship opportunities (1139) Service

Businesses may offer sponsorship to the council. Any sponsorship agreed should be in accordance with the council's guidelines and policies.

Business travel and commuting (1539) Service

The purpose of a business transport plan is to promote alternative methods of transport (e.g. bicycles, public transport, car pools ..) for home-to-work commuting or the personnel of the town itself as well as for the staff of companies/establishments. This is possible by giving information and pointing out the alternative methods of transport for the home-work commute and by stimulating alternative methods of transport in home to work commuting.

Byelaws and regulations (1390) Service

A local administration may create and publish laws and regulations applying to their local area which are legally binding. Such byelaws cannot be in direct contravention of any national law.

Calibration and testing (1046) Service

Businesses using weighing or measuring equipment for trade must ensure that it has been tested for accuracy and passed fit for such use by a weights and measures inspector or an authorised body.

Camping and caravan sites (1108) Service

Provision of camping and caravan facilities by local authorities

Canals and waterways (556) Service

Provision and maintenance of inland waterways. In the UK inland waterways are owned and managed by a variety of authorities. Most commonly it is British Waterways but some local authorities have responsibility for the maintenance of canals running through their area.

Car sharing (1111) Service

The local authority provides information about car pooling or sharing schemes.

Caravan site licence (743) Service

Land owners must not allow their land to be used as a caravan site unless it holds a valid site licence other than for certain exemptions such as; incidental use within the boundary of a dwelling house; sites approved by certain organisations i.e. caravan club etc; building and engineering sites; travelling show-people sites and sites occupied by the local authority.

Care Act 2014 implementation (1743) Service

Planning and publication of how the local authority plans to implement the Care Act 2014 when it comes into force in April 2015

Care ambassadors (1283) Service

A national initiative concerned with raising the profile of training and careers in social care. Enthusiastic and committed social care professionals are recruited to represent the social care sector as Care Ambassadors. These professionals are then tasked with enthusing and engaging young people from year nine onwards to take relevant courses to begin careers in this area, thus sustaining and increasing the social care workforce

Care at home (242) Service

Care in your own home is offered to people who require assistance with personal care such as washing or dressing, or other practical daily tasks such as help with domestic chores like cooking and cleaning, or in some instances, help in managing finances.

Care needs assessment (209) Service

Needs assessment is a programme carried out by the local authority to try to establish the needs of an individual who requires help from social services and to arrange services to meet their needs. Following an assessment the appropriate services will be provided and a client file opened.

Care order (1769) Service

A care order gives the local authority overriding parental responsibility for a child. Where childrens services decide that the child cannot return to live with their birth parents and they need to secure a long term living option for the child the authority can apply to the court for a care order.

Care plan (1723) Service

Care plans set out what services and other help will be provided to a looked after child and their family. The Care Plan will say what the council and other agencies will do to meet the childs needs around health, education, religion, culture and hobbies and sets out the longer term plan for the child's future.

Careers advice (887) Service

Help for pupils who are about to leave school to choose a career or a further education/training course.

Carers allowance (1437) Service

Carers allowance is a weekly benefit for carers who regularly spend at least 35 hours a week caring for a disabled person. The allowance is intended to compensate someone who is unable to work because they are a carer. However, some carers may be able to do some paid work whilst caring

Carers assessment (1755) Service

Anyone who is caring for another person for a substantial amount of time has the right to have a carers assessment to identify their needs where either the person they are caring for has refused an assessment or is not receiving help from social care. The assessment is available to both adult carers and young carers.

Carers support groups (298) Service

Groups and organisations that provide advice and support for those who are caring for adults or children with special needs.

Caretaking (1142) Service

Councils provide caretaking services to residents of low-rise and high-rise council flats. These services include repair and maintenance, and the cleaning of communal areas such as lifts and hallways.

Catering, sales and vending (883) Service

Provision of catering services for functions or refreshments and vending facilities in public buildings.

Cemeteries and crematoria (1538) Service

Provision and maintenance of cemeteries and/or crematoria. Information on location, opening hours and any regulations is provided.

Census information (367) Service

Publication of information from a national census or other surveys relating to the local area. The information published should not disclose any information about individuals residents or households but should summarise details across the whole area or relevant sub-areas. In the UK published information is currently from the 2011 national census.

Change of circumstances (370) Service

Providing information and advice on when and how local residents are required to notify the council about a change in circumstances which may effect their entitlement to other council services. Providing residents with a standard means of notifying a change of circumstances.

Change of housing tenancy (711) Service

Dealing with requests to change the terms of a tenancy for existing tenants. This covers transfer of tenancies, requests for joint tenancy, succession to tenancy.

Channel early intervention scheme (1783) Service

Channel is an early intervention scheme, which provides support to anyone identified as being at risk of radicalisation and vulnerable to being drawn into terrorism and. It provides tailored individual support. to vulnerable children and adults of any faith, ethnicity or background before they become involved in criminal terrorist related activity. As part of the channel strategy each responsible local authority is required to set up an assessment and support panel for it's area.

Chaperone service (631) Service

A child taking part in a performance, which can include TV or filming, theatre, sporting activities or modelling, will require chaperoning. Chaperones employed by the local education authority should have passed all necessary checks for working with children

Child assessment order (1780) Service

The council can apply for a child assessment order where they consider that a child may be vulnerable and potentially at risk or suffering from physical, emotional or sexual abuse.

Child employment registration (1726) Service

When a child of compulsory school age is employed to work after school, at weekends or during school holidays, the law states that they must be registered for work with their local authority, who will issue a work permit. - See more at: http://www.devon.gov.uk/child_employment

Child measurement (1748) Service

The National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP) measures the weight and height of children in reception class (aged 4 to 5 years) and year 6 (aged 10 to 11 years) to assess overweight children and obese levels within primary schools. This data can be used at a national level to support local public health initiatives and inform the local planning and delivery of services for children.

Child performance licences (48) Service

A licence is required for school age children to perform in the theatre or on television. Before granting a licence the Education Authority will liaise with the Headteacher of the child's school to ensure that the child's education will not suffer should that licence be granted.

Child poverty needs assessment (1676) Service

A child poverty needs assessment is carried out by a council to identify the causes of child poverty and the outcomes for children living in poverty in the council area. It helps to build an understanding of the experiences of families living in poverty and how it relates to risk factors and outcomes.

Child poverty strategy (1677) Service

Development and implementation of a strategy to reduce child poverty in the local area.

Child protection (266) Service

The child protection scheme takes measures to safeguard vulnerable children and young people at risk or suffering from physical, emotional or sexual abuse. This involves investigating reports of suspected abuse and where appropriate applying for a Child Assessment Order, Care Order, Supervision Order or Emergency Protection Order.

Child protection orders (310) Service

The local authority can apply for an emergency protection order of 8 to 15 days to safeguard a child who may be in danger living at home.

Child safety orders (1694) Service

A CSO will be granted if there is sufficient concern about the behaviour of a child in the care of his or her family. If there is reason to suspect that the child's behaviour is a direct result of problems within the family unit, a Child Safety Order may be issued by the Family Proceedings Court in order to allow for the intervention and supervision of either local authority and/or Youth Offending Teams.

Childcare out of school hours (19) Service

Out of school hours services for children, usually based in or near schools. The service is available to all families in the local area however local priorities for places may apply.

Childcare sufficiency assessment (1680) Service

A council must make sure there is sufficient childcare provision in the local area to enable parents to work, or undertake education and training leading to work. To ensure there is sufficient childcare an assessment of supply and demand for childcare services within a local authority area is carried out at regular intervals, consulting with parents and childcare providers as appropriate.

Childhood immunisation (924) Service

The immunisation service provides a programme of childhood vaccinations against diseases such as polio and measles. It also provides vaccines against seasonal and pandemic influenza (flu) and Pneumococcal infections.

Childminders (21) Service

Information and support for those interested in becoming a registered childminder and those who are already registered. This may include training, grants and funding, ongoing support and information about setting up childcare.

Childminding and day care (20) Service

Registered childminders and daycare facilities which are available in the local area for parents and carers of pre-school age children.

Children's centres (53) Service

Children's centres are usually open to all parents, carers and children and provide early learning and full day care for pre-school children. They also provide help and advice on child and family health, parenting, money, training and employment to parents and carers.

Children's certificate (1069) Service Discontinued

Children under 14 are not allowed in bars in public houses or hotels unless a Children's Certificate has been granted. This allows them to sit at a table and have a meal at any time between 11am and 8pm in the area approved by the Licensing Board.

Children's libraries (449) Service

The children's library service offers books and computer learning facilities for children. The library may also provide CDs and cassettes and there will often be organised activities during school holidays.

Children's Trust Board (1678) Service

Each local authority is required to have a Children's Trust Board. The term Children's Trust applies to the whole system of children's services, covering the work of partner agencies at every level, from the development of the overall strategy to the delivery of front-line services. It is local authorities who lead Children's Trusts working closely with the other local agencies with a legal duty to be part of the Trust: strategic health authorities, primary care trusts (PCTs), police authorities, local probation boards, youth offending teams, Connexions partnerships, the Learning and Skills Council for England and district councils.

Citizenship ceremonies (852) Service

Ceremonies organised for individuals who have been granted citizenship. Attendance at the ceremony is the final step in the citizenship process and applicants for citizenship are required to attend to complete their application. Ceremonies are typically held at regular intervals and may be for groups of new citizens or for individuals.

Citizenship education (895) Service

Providing pupils with the knowledge, understanding and skills which prepare them to play an active role as citizens. Ensuring that pupils have a clear understanding of their roles, rights and responsibilities in relation to their local, national and international communities.

Civic buildings (1413) Service

Information about the location and opening hours of council offices. May also include information about public meetings and the availability of civic officials for queries.

Civic events (1555) Service

In addition to formal occasions in which dignitaries are received at the city hall, citizens and associations can also be welcomed, for example in connection with a jubilee celebration, a party on receiving a decoration, handing out honours and distinctions, (exchange) projects with national and foreign partners, etc.

Civic liability (1137) Service

Public administrations may be liable and could be subject to legal proceedings where property or other facilities which are owned and maintained by them cause damage or injury to people or property.

Civic recognition and awards (1045) Service

Recognising the outstanding achievements of individuals and groups and the contributions people make to life in the community in the form of civic recognition or awards typically at an annual awards ceremony.

Civil emergencies - flooding (793) Service

Providing advice and information on what to do in the event of a flood. The council may also provide equipment such as sandbags and engineering advice to help residents/businesses in the event of flooding.

Civil emergencies - gas pipelines (794) Service

Councils and their partners from the emergency services and public utilities have arrangements in place to respond to emergency incidents involving a major gas pipeline.

Civil emergencies - major accident hazards (792) Service

Councils have statutory and discretionary multi-agency plans to respond efficiently and effectively to a known potential hazards within its area. Agencies involved can include the Police, Fire and Rescue, Ambulance Service, utilities providers and voluntary agencies.

Civil emergencies - social and psychological support (729) Service

Provision of a range of social and psychological support services in the aftermath of a major incident affecting residents or visitors. The council will most probably work closely with voluntary and statutory agencies, so that the services they provide are complementary to those already available.

Civil funerals (875) Service

A civil funeral is a celebration reflecting the wishes of the deceased and their family. It is a personal and dignified tribute created by a professional celebrant who works closely with the family or executor and funeral director. The celebrant will aim to create a highly personal ceremony with the help of family and/or friends -recounting the person's experiences, attributes and qualities using music, poetry, readings and personal anecdotes. The civil funeral may be held anywhere except religious buildings and churches. The ceremony is appropriate for cremation or burial in a non-religious burial ground.

Civil injunction (1750) Service

A Civil Injunction is designed to stop or prevent individuals engaging in anti-social behaviour quickly before the behaviour beings to escalate. It can offer fast and effective protection for victims and communities and set a clear standard of behaviour for perpetrators. A wide range of agencies can make use of the Civil Injunction including local councils, the Police and residential social landlords.

Civil marriage and civil partnership venue licence (1296) Service

The owner or manager of any premises planning to host civil weddings or partnership ceremonies must hold a licence to do so. The licensed venue must be a permanent structure and the building itself must be in good repair and must have suitable fire precautions in place.

Clean Air Act approval (691) Service

The local authority is responsible for ensuring compliance with regulations such as those which control smoke emissions and the height of chimneys and those relating to the content and composition of motor fuels.

Client contact problems (232) Service

Procedures for dealing with an existing social services client who has gone missing or is out of contact for a period which gives cause for concern. The local authority will usually act jointly with the police in dealing with such incidents.

Clinical household waste (859) Service

Collection and safe disposal of household clinical waste. This includes items such as surgical waste, used syringes, drugs and pharmaceuticals.

Club gaming permit (1683) Service

Club gaming permits may be granted to members' clubs and miners' welfare institutes (but not commercial clubs), to authorise the use of up to 3 category B3A, B4, C or D gaming machines (3 machines in total), as well as equal chance gaming and games of chance as prescribed in the regulations.

Club machine permit (1684) Service

If a club does not wish to have a club gaming permit or if they are a commercial club not permitted to provide non-machine gaming, they may apply for a club machine permit. This authorises the use of up to three category B4, C or D gaming machines (3 machines in total).

Club premises certificate (646) Service

A club premises certificate is required by social, sporting or political members clubs in order to sell or supply alcohol and/or provide regulated entertainment, like musical performances or film screenings to members or guests.

Coastal events (760) Service

Provision of information and advice on events which may be ongoing or planned on waterways, in port/harbour areas or in coastal locations within the authority area.

Coastal protection (848) Service

Review and maintenance of coastal protection (sea walls etc.) within the local authority area.

Commercial clinical waste disposal (523) Service

Collection and safe disposal of clinical waste. This includes items such as surgical waste, used syringes, drugs and pharmaceuticals.

Commercial lettings (93) Service

Each local authority provides a list of properties or land currently available to let within the area.

Commercial property development (900) Service

A local authority may provide financial support to help develop and redevelop industrial and commercial land and buildings. Assistance is directed towards work which will create or enhance existing floor space, bring currently obsolete/vacant land and buildings into beneficial use and improve working conditions

Commercial waste bins (519) Service

Provision of bins for the collection of trade waste. Bins are usually offered in a variety of sizes to suit the requirements of all local businesses. Charges are determined by the number and size of bins required.

Commercial waste collection (517) Service

Provision of a regular commercial trade waste collection from local businesses. Businesses are required to provide a written description of their waste and ensure that it is packed in suitable containers.

Commercial waste disposal sites (520) Service

Disposal of commercial waste is the responsibility of the business owner. The local authority may provide sites which business may use (for a fee) to dispose of their waste. If available the authority will publish details of the location, opening times, terms and conditions of use and charges for the use of the sites.

Commercial waste special collections (522) Service

Any waste generated by a commercial organisation is the responsibility of the organisation to dispose of correctly. Advice on how to dispose of waste may be given by the council (including details of local organisations who offer waste collection services). The council may also provide a service which can arrange for special collections of large amounts of waste, bulky materials or confidential waste from commercial premises for a fee.

Commercial waste spillage (518) Service

The Council will deal with reports of spillages of commercial waste. Commercial customers are able to use either the service provided by the Local Authority or private contractor. Enforcement of appropriate regulations in respect of waste containment is the responsibility of the council.

Common Assessment Framework (878) Service

The Common Assessment Framework (CAF) for Children and Young People is a key part of the strategy to shift the focus from dealing with the consequences of difficulties in children's lives to preventing things from going wrong in the first place. It is a nationally standardised approach to conducting an assessment of the needs of a child or young person and deciding how those needs should be met.

Common land and village greens (649) Service

The local authority is responsible for maintaining a register of common land and village greens within its boundaries.

Communal heating charge (122) Service

Communal heating charges for council properties are divided among all residents on an estate, the proportion is added to their rent account.

Communal housing repairs (140) Service

The local authority deals with repairs to communal areas within council accommodation such as communal lighting in a block of flats, or the communal drainpipes to a block of garages.

Communal lighting (566) Service

The local authority is responsible for repairs to communal areas in blocks of flats including stairs, door entry systems, communal lighting, landings, communal windows, courtyards and sheds.

Community alarms and Telecare (313) Service

The community alarm service provides peace of mind for people who feel at risk in their own homes. It is a 24 hour 365 day monitoring service which works via a special alarm unit connected to the telephone line. In the UK Telecare provides support to people in their own homes with the help of technology and community response services, allowing them to live more safely and independently. The equipment available is designed to assist a wide range of people, including older people, people with disabilities and carers.

Community and accessible transport (272) Service

Provision of transport for members of the community who do not have full mobility and therefore do not have suitable conventional public transport services available for their travel needs. Includes schemes such as 'dial-a-ride', shopmobility, community bus and car schemes and taxis or mini-cabs which can be privately ordered.

Community assemblies and committees (719) Service

Publication of details of local assemblies and committees and the dates and venues for forthcoming meetings.

Community asset transfer (1653) Service

The transfer of land or buildings from the council's freehold ownership into the stewardship and/or ownership of third sector organisations. Local people are often best placed to manage community facilities in their area. They already make extensive use of these assets and their local knowledge and hands-on management often results in lower overheads and better value-for-money. Organisations are able to apply for a community asset transfer of facilities where they can put a business case and show the community benefit for doing so.

Community centres (1149) Service

Community Centres are a physical resource, which acts as a focal point for activities run by communities coming together through geographic proximity or because of a particular interest and/or identity. Centres provide meeting places for local interest based clubs and societies, venues for adult education classes and public meetings, offices for community projects, plus they also have many other uses. Centres would be lifeless buildings, lacking in character, if they were not 'owned' by communities. People provide the warmth, which makes centres welcoming to communities.

Community engagement (366) Service

Community engagement provides a link between local people, local organisations and decision makers. Physical or virtual meetings and dialogues provide an opportunity for local leaders to listen to the views of their communities and for local people to have their say.

Community equipment loans (1402) Service

Public organisations may keep supplies of some materials which they will loan to members of the public or local organisations. Items which may be loaned can be items needed to improve safety at organised events such as fenceposts, crush barriers and safety vests, medical equipment for events or for individuals, technology equipment or anything which can benefit local citizens or voluntary groups.

Community facility grants (755) Service

Provision of grants for improvements to village halls and other local facilities subject to local terms and conditions.

Community farms (746) Service

Farms and smallholdings managed by the local authority on behalf of the community. Community farms provide an opportunity for children to learn about where food comes from and witness the hustle and bustle and all the elements of a working countryside farm within an urban setting.

Community fire safety (802) Service

The local fire authority will help residents and businesses minimise the risk of fire in their homes or place of work by providing advice on fire prevention and protection.

Community grants (871) Service

Funding made available to community or voluntary groups and organisations which are based in the local area and/or provide services to local people.

Community infrastructure levy (CIL) (1711) Service

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a planning charge that Local Authorities and the Mayor of London can set on new development to help pay for community infrastructure.

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