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Policy and performance Function

Community strategy (720) Service

Preparation of a community strategy to promote and improve the economic, social and environmental well-being of the local area and to contribute to the achievement of sustainable development. In Scotland legislation places duties on local authorities - to initiate, facilitate and maintain Community Planning. Local authorities have a duty to develop a comprehensive Community Plan along with relevant stakeholders to promote or improve the social, economic and environmental well-being of their areas and contribute to the achievement of sustainable development in Scotland.

Corporate - audit and inspection (1621) Service

Is this still carried out now that the Audit Commission no longer exists?

Corporate - business planning and strategy (1622) Service

Production of a corporate business plan which defines the overall framework within which the organisation works to achieve the corporate objectives.

Corporate - business process improvement (1151) Service

Business Process Improvement (BPI) is the discipline of improving council services using techniques such as Business Process Mapping (BPM) and Activity Based Costing (ABC).

Corporate - equalities and diversity (1623) Service

In a context of 'lighter touch' regulation and inspection, as set out in the public sector Equality Duty, using the EFLG allows Local authorities to use Self-assessment templates to move through the 3 levels of performance: Developing, Achieving, Excellent.

Corporate - health and safety (1624) Service

A Health and Safety Service Plan dedicated to the health and safety enforcement function. It covers all elements of safety relating to premises and functions falling within a local authority remit for health and safety enforcement.

Corporate - policies and procedures (1664) Service

Development, maintenance and implementation of corporate policies and procedures

Corporate - retention schedules (996) Service

Development of policies and procedures for the retention of documents or records and their disposal

Corporate - workforce plan (1625) Service

A Workforce Plan sets out future requirements and policies in order to deliver what public sector services are essential to Local Authority customers, what delivery structures are most appropriate, what skills, behaviours, attitudes and performance is needed from employees and how recruitment should be handled to devlop the workforce it requires

Council expenditure (1465) Service

Publication of details of council expenditure which can be viewed by local residents

Councillors allowances and expenses (1574) Service

Publication of details of allowances and expenses paid to councillors in a municipal year.

Members and officers code of conduct (1702) Service

Councils should promote and maintain high standards of conduct by their members, co-opted members and officers and publish a 'Code of Conduct' which describes expected standards of conduct.

Open data publication (1577) Service

Publication as open linked data of public sector information such that the data can be read and published in a variety of formats and resources.

Performance measurement and reporting (725) Service

Collection and publish a range of performance indicators reflecting the services the authority provides. The indicators may be verified by an external auditor.

Transparency of accounts (1584) Service

Publication of council accounts where they can be read by local citizens.

Transparency of senior salaries (1573) Service

Councils are required to publish salary details for senior council employees.

Value for money (1288) Service

All public bodies have a duty to ensure that their use of resources is economic, efficient and effective. A value for money review typically takes account of the mix of quality, cost, resource usage, fitness for purpose, timeliness, convenience plus a measure of the cost of goods and services to judge whether or not, together, they constitute good value. A report on any review or key points from a review are published for information.

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