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Emergencies Function

Civil emergencies - flooding (793) Service

Providing advice and information on what to do in the event of a flood. The council may also provide equipment such as sandbags and engineering advice to help residents/businesses in the event of flooding.

Civil emergencies - gas pipelines (794) Service

Councils and their partners from the emergency services and public utilities have arrangements in place to respond to emergency incidents involving a major gas pipeline.

Civil emergencies - major accident hazards (792) Service

Councils have statutory and discretionary multi-agency plans to respond efficiently and effectively to a known potential hazards within its area. Agencies involved can include the Police, Fire and Rescue, Ambulance Service, utilities providers and voluntary agencies.

Civil emergencies - social and psychological support (729) Service

Provision of a range of social and psychological support services in the aftermath of a major incident affecting residents or visitors. The council will most probably work closely with voluntary and statutory agencies, so that the services they provide are complementary to those already available.

Current emergency situations - civil (1308) Service

Publication of information and advice on how to deal with civil emergency weather situations such as rioting, threats of terrorism etc.

Current emergency situations - health (1287) Service

Provision of information to the public on what to do/who to contact in the event of an ongoing emergency related to public health such as a flu outbreak.

Current emergency situations - weather (1307) Service

Publication of information and advice on how to deal with emergency weather conditions such as flooding, heavy snowfalls etc.

Emergency plan (703) Service

The council should have an Emergency Plan in order to deliver services during a major incident which poses a threat to the welfare of the community. It is the role of the council to support the emergency services in the case of a major incident. Officers should be on call 24 hours and coordinate the councils response during a major incident.

Flood prevention (1612) Service

Works carried out to reduce the likelihood of flooding in areas considered at risk or where there has previously been flooding

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