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Equipment and supporting services Function

Assisted garden maintenance (147) Service

Garden maintenance for elderly (aged 60 or over) or disabled tenants who are not capable of doing the work themselves.

Community alarms and Telecare (313) Service

The community alarm service provides peace of mind for people who feel at risk in their own homes. It is a 24 hour 365 day monitoring service which works via a special alarm unit connected to the telephone line. In the UK Telecare provides support to people in their own homes with the help of technology and community response services, allowing them to live more safely and independently. The equipment available is designed to assist a wide range of people, including older people, people with disabilities and carers.

Direct payments (287) Service

A direct payment is a cash payment allowing clients to buy their own support instead of Social Services providing it. The money can be used to employ a personal assistant or to use an agency to provide staff for you. A client can 'mix and match' and have some support provided by Social Services and take some as a direct payment. Recent 'Self-directed care' schemes have involved managing adult social care in general on the basis of the individual choosing their care package based on a fixed budget.

Home adaptations and aids (178) Service

If a client is visually impaired, hard of hearing or has other disabilities for which he/she may need special equipment or adaptations to his/her home the local authority will provide such equipment which will assist in overcoming difficulties subject to an assessment of personal needs to determine eligibility.

Incontinence laundry service (271) Service

People suffering from incontinence may be eligible for a laundry service.

Independence support for disabled people (204) Service

Rehabilitation provides people with physical and sensory disabilities with help to recover and regain their independence often following an illness or injury/stay in hospital. A care worker will provide advice on how to cope with illness or disability, or organise the provision of aids and equipment to help in everyday tasks.

Mobile meals (315) Service

The Mobile Meals service delivers meals to older or vulnerable people in their own homes on a short or long term basis according to need.

Needle exchange (1373) Service

Provision of a facility where anyone can safely return used hypodermic needles and collect new replacements.

Occupational therapy (180) Service

Occupational therapy aims to help those with physical disabilities to achieve an optimum level of functions and mobility. This may include arranging for walking aids or other equipment or referring clients to other agencies that can also assist. The authority usually works with local health providers to assess need and provide appropriate support.

Personal care (1811) Service

Businesses providing services such as hairdressing, beauty treatments, footcare etc. Some may provide these as a mobile 'at home' service.

Specialist equipment and support for disabled people (205) Service

Advice on purchase and/or loan of specialist equipment or services to help those with physical or sensory disability manage at home. Usually a needs assessment is made in order to determine the equipment which may be required.

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