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Parking Function

Council car parks (478) Service

Car parks within the geographic boundaries of a local authority which are owned and run by the local authority. The authority may publish a list of the car parks, their locations and tariffs.

Cycle and motorcycle parking (1799) Service

Provision of stands and racks for parking cycles and motorcycles

Disabled parking bays (274) Service

Designated parking bay areas may be provided for registered disabled drivers (i.e. blue badge holders). These may be on-street parking bays outside the residents home where parking difficulties are experienced or marked bays within residential car parks.

Disabled parking permits (279) Service

Blue parking badges allow cars carrying people who are registered blind or people who have severe walking difficulties to be parked near shops, stations and other facilities. Blue Badges can only be issued to people who meet the eligibility criteria, not to relatives or carers. They can be used in any car the badge holder is driving or is a passenger in.

Estate parking (114) Service

The local authority is responsible for determining parking regulations (residents and visitor parking) on council property and for enforcement of those regulations.

Lorry parking (1725) Service

Provision of parking areas for heavy goods vehicles which may be used to park, to transfer goods and if facilities available temporary storage of goods whilst being transferred.

Parking permits (474) Service

Issuing of parking permits to residents who keep and use a car, a van or motorcycle on a full-time basis within a controlled parking zone. Businesses operating within a controlled zone area may also qualify for permits.

Parking zones (473) Service

A controlled parking scheme in a street or area where parking is organised in order to help residents park their vehicles.

Pavement parking (475) Service

Pavements are constructed and provided for pedestrian use. The local authority has a responsibility to keep the roads and footpaths safe to use.

Private car parks (479) Service

Car parks within a local authority geographic area which are owned and operated by private companies. The local authority ensures that they operate in accordance with authority parking policies.

Street parking enforcement (471) Service

Enforcement of on street parking regulations (meters, residential parking bays, yellow lines etc.) within the local authority area. The council may issue illegally parked vehicles with a ticket and impose fines.

Vehicle clamping and removal (472) Service

Use of vehicle clamps to immobilise illegally parked vehicles. If such a vehicle is taking up much needed space the local authority will organise the removal of the vehicle.

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