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Community transport Function

Bus passes for disabled or older people (280) Service

A bus pass (or other travel concession) is available to local citizens if they are aged 60 and over, they are physically disabled, they have a learning difficulty or they would be refused a driving licence. Eligibility is automatic if the applicant is already in receipt of other services as a result of their age/disability.

Community and accessible transport (272) Service

Provision of transport for members of the community who do not have full mobility and therefore do not have suitable conventional public transport services available for their travel needs. Includes schemes such as 'dial-a-ride', shopmobility, community bus and car schemes and taxis or mini-cabs which can be privately ordered.

Demand responsive transport (901) Service

Provision of on demand transport services for local citizens usually available in areas not covered by main public transport routes.

Disabled taxi card (275) Service

The taxi card scheme allows people with serious mobility impairment who find it difficult to use buses or trains to travel in a black taxi at subsidised rates. To qualify applicants must have a long term or permanent illness or disability, which prevents them from using or significantly limits their use of public transport.

Motability scheme (276) Service

The Motability scheme provides disabled people with safe, reliable and affordable personal transport through a contract or hire purchase arrangement. Cars account for 99% of the scheme's activities, with powered wheelchairs and scooters making up the balance.

Older people's bus pass (273) Service Discontinued

The older persons bus pass entitles the holder to concessionary travel on buses, trains and other forms of local public transport. To be eligible for a bus pass the applicant must be aged over 60 and resident in the area.

Rail cards for disabled or older people (221) Service

A rail card (or other travel concession) is available to local citizens if they are aged 60 and over, they are physically disabled or they have a learning difficulty. Eligibility for a rail card or a combined travel concession card will need to be assessed. Depending on the degree of need the rail card may offer either free travel or travel at a reduced rate.

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