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Careers and employment Function

Careers advice (887) Service

Help for pupils who are about to leave school to choose a career or a further education/training course.

Current vacancies (337) Service

Publication of current job vacancies within a local authority.

Disabled people employment advice (299) Service

Advice and support for those with special needs who may wish to seek full-time or part time employment. This may include advice to employers on the requirements of relevant legislation.

Employment and training initiatives (343) Service

Programmes to promote the development of learning and employment to ensure local people have access to lifelong learning and training opportunities. Provide local people with opportunities through tailored programmes to gain the skills demanded by employers in growth industries and ensure resiments benefit from employment opportunities created within the area. In the UK such programmes delivered in line with national, regional and local priorities include New Deal and Training For Work targeting a range of workless groups including those in receipt of Incapacity Benefit, Income Support or JSA.

Environmental health placements (846) Service

To develop a career in Environmental Health you need to undertake an accredited course that is recognised by the Environmental Health Officers Registration Board, together with a 48 week work experience placement. Local authorities may run appropriate courses and offer placements to students.

Equal opportunities advice (344) Service

Publication of equal opportunities policy and provision of advice/information on equal opportunities to employers and employees in the area.

Sports employment (638) Service

Publication of the councils' policy on training and employment within the sports and leisure service. Advertising of current vacancies and providing advice and information to those seeking employment in sport and leisure in the local area.

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