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Social care - carer's assessment Duty

A local authority must where it appears that a carer may have needs for support (whether currently or in the future), the authority must assess—
(a) whether the carer does have needs for support (or is likely to do so in the future), and
(b) if the carer does, what those needs are (or are likely to be in the future).
The duty to carry out a carer's assessment applies regardless of the authority's view of—
(a) the level of the carer's needs for support, or
(b) the level of the carer's financial resources or of those of the adult needing care.
A carer's assessment must include an assessment of—
(a) whether the carer is able, and is likely to continue to be able, to provide care for the adult needing care,
(b) whether the carer is willing, and is likely to continue to be willing, to do so,
(c) the impact of the carer's needs for support
(d) the outcomes that the carer wishes to achieve in day-to-day life, and
(e) whether, and if so to what extent, the provision of support could contribute to the achievement of those outcomes
The assessment must also comply with the requirements of Section 10.
24 Jul 2015
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