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Land and premises Subject Discontinued

All items are discontinued. Toggle to show discontinued items

Land registration Subject Discontinued

  • Land registry
  • Property register
  • Title registry

Land searches Subject Discontinued

  • CON29
  • Land charges
  • Local authority searches (land and property)
  • Local land charges
  • Local land searches
  • Local searches (property)
  • Vacant land register

Non-residential property Subject Discontinued

  • Premises, non-residential
  • Property, non-residential
  • Real estate (non-residential)

Land and/or buildings in the public or private sector, other than residential property or agricultural land.

Planning (town and country) Subject Discontinued

  • Building planning
  • Development (planning applications)
  • Development control
  • Land use planning
  • Local plans (land use)
  • Planning (land use)
  • Planning control
  • Planning enforcement
  • Planning policy
  • Property planning (land or buildings)
  • Sites and projects policies (planning)

Traveller sites Subject Discontinued

  • Caravan sites (gypsies)
  • Gypsy camps
  • Gypsy sites
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