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Street names and numbering (513) Service

Legislation empowers the council to allocate statutory addresses. The council may, in relation to any street or road to which the public have access: (a) give such name to it as they think fit; (b) after advertising in a newspaper circulating in their area any proposal to alter its name and taking into account any representations thereupon made to them within 28 days after the date of the first publication of the advertisement, alter any such name; (c) affix, paint or mark its name on any premises, fence, lamp post, pole or other structure in it so as to be readily legible to members of the public there, and erect poles or other structures there for that purpose; (d) give each of the premises in it such distinguishing number as they think fit; alter that number when necessary; and require the owner of each of the premises, by notice served on him, to affix or paint that number on his premises so that it is readily legible from the nearest part of the public place giving access to the premises. Once statutory addresses have been allocated, postal services are notified for allocation of postcodes and emergency and other services are notified.
03 Apr 2013
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