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Public order - prohibiting trespassory assemblies Power

Property Value
skos:prefLabelPublic order - prohibiting trespassory assemblies
dc:descriptionIf the chief officer of police reasonably believes that an assembly is intended to be held in a place which the public has no right to access or and that the assembly is likely to be held without the permission of the occupier of the land, and may result in serious disruption to the life of the community, or where the land, or a building or monument on it, is of historical, architectural, archaeological or scientific importance, in significant damage to the land, building or monument, he may apply to the council of the district for an order prohibiting for a specified period the holding of all trespassory assemblies in the district or a part of it, as specified. On receiving such an application, a council may and Wales, with the consent of the Secretary of State make an order either in the terms of the application or with such modifications as may be approved by the Secretary of State
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