Access land - improvement or repair to means of access Power

A local authority where, in respect of any access land—
(a) it appears to the authority that—
(i) the opening-up, improvement or repair of any means of access to the land,
(ii) the construction of any new means of access to the land, or
(iii) the maintenance of any means of access to the land,
is necessary for giving the public reasonable access to that land, or to other access land, in pursuance of the right conferred by section 2(1) and
(b) the access authority are satisfied that they are unable to conclude on reasonable terms an agreement under section 35 with the owner or occupier of the land for the carrying out of the works,

the authority may, give the owner or occupier a notice (in the prescribed form) stating that, after the end of a specified period of not less than twenty-one days, the authority intend to take all necessary steps for carrying out the works specified in the notice for the opening-up, improvement, repair, construction or maintenance of the means of access.
24 Jul 2015
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