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Mineral workings - power to enter former mining land etc Power

Where a local authority have carried out, are carrying out or are considering whether to carry out works on any land under section 89(2) of the National Parks and Access to the Countryside Act 1949 (treatment of derelict land etc.) for the purpose of reclaiming or improving land under which relevant operations have been, but are no longer being, carried out an authorised person may at any reasonable time enter the land to carry out works; to survey the land for the purpose of ascertaining the effect on it of works carried out; or to survey the land for the purpose of ascertaining the location, extent and state of mine working produced by relevant operations, the state of the land, the risk of collapse of its surface, the likely extent of collapse, and the nature and extent of any works which may be necessary to prevent collapse or to deal with a collapse which has occurred.
24 Jul 2015
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