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% of pupils achieving good level of development at foundation stage - pupils whose first language is other than English (2586) Metric type Discontinued

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DISCONTINUED DATA - Final available dataset:sch_2011_12. This is the percentage of all eligible pupils whose first langauage is other than English achieving a good level of development in Early Years Foundation Stage Profile (EYFSP) teacher assessments. The EYFSP is an assessment of a childs achievement at the end of the academic year in which they become five years old. A pupil achieving 6 or more points across the 7 Scales of PSE and CLL and who also achieves 78 or more points across all 13 scales is classed as having ""a good level of development"". This includes only pupils with a valid result for every achievement scale.

Pupils include those whose langauage is not known but believed to be other than English.
03 Apr 2020
Short label
Foundation stage 'good' - pupils first language other than English
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a high value is good
Percentage of pupils
Pupils achieving good level of development at foundation stage
Early years foundation stage profile attainment by pupil characteristics
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