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Percentage of households experiencing struggle with food insecurity (15506) Metric type

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This is the percentage of households identified as experiencing struggle with food insecurity. Those who are struggling to access food, include those who may have sought help within the last month with access to food, have cut back on meals and healthy foods to stretch tight budgets, or indicated that they struggled to access food in some way.

Food security is the ability to consistently afford, access and utilise the food needed to maintain good health and wellbeing. In addition, they have received support from their community with food essentials, or they indicated they could not get to the shops, could not get a delivery, or were too ill to get food. Those who experience these additional indicators of food insecurity are not typically included in the statistics, which tend to focus on financial reasons for food insecurity.

The University of Sheffield food insecurity estimates draw from a survey commissioned by the Food Foundation that was conducted in Jan 2021 by YouGov, to look at the impact of Covid-19 on UK households.

For further details please go to: https://arcg.is/rq5fS/
12 Nov 2021
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% households experiencing struggle with food insecurity
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Percentage of households
Food insecurity
Food vulnerability during Covid-19
The University of Sheffield
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