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Long-term support needs of older adults (aged 65 and over) met by admission to residential and nursing care homes, per 100,000 population (4282) Metric type

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Number of council-supported permanent admissions of younger adults (aged 65 and over) to residential and nursing care divided by the size of the younger adult population (aged 65 and over) in the area multiplied by 100,000. People counted as a permanent admission include:
  • Residents where the local authority makes any contribution to the costs of care, no matter how trivial the amount and irrespective of how the balance of these costs are met;
  • Supported residents in: Local authority-staffed care homes for residential care; Independent sector care homes for residential care; o Registered care homes for nursing care; and, o Residential or nursing care which is of a permanent nature and where the intention is that the spell of care should not be ended by a set date.

    For people classified as permanent residents, the care home would be regarded as their normal place of residence.

    Where a person who is normally resident in a care home is temporarily absent at 31 March (e.g. through temporary hospitalisation) and the local authority is still providing financial support for that placement, the person should be included in the numerator.

    Trial periods in residential or nursing care homes where the intention is that the stay will become permanent should be counted as permanent.

    Whether a resident or admission is counted as permanent or temporary depends on the intention of the placement at the time of admission.

    The transition from ASC-CAR to SALT resulted in a change to which admissions were captured by this measure, and a change to the measure definition. 12-week disregards and full cost clients are now included, whereas previously they were excluded from the measure. Furthermore, whilst ASC-CAR recorded the number of people who were admitted to residential or nursing care during the year, the relevant SALT tables record the number of people for whom residential/nursing care was planned as a sequel to a request for support, a review, or short-term support to maximise independence.

    Data source: SALT
  • Modified
    03 Apr 2020
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    • ASCOF 2A(2)
    • ASCOF 2A(2)_1415 on
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    Long-term support needs of older adults met by admission to residential and nursing care homes per 100,000
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    Per 100,000 population
    Permanent admissions of adults to residential and nursing care homes
    Measures from the Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework, England
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