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Delayed days during the month, all, per 100,000 population aged 18+ (3632) Metric type

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This is the total number of 'delayed days' during the reporting period (a calendar month), expressed as a proportion of the population aged 18+. This should include the delayed days for all patients delayed in the month. The reporting period covers from 00.01 on the 1st calendar day of the month to 24.00 on the last calendar day of the month. This includes weekends and public holidays.
A delayed transfer of care from acute or non-acute (including mental health and community patients) care occurs when a patient is ready to depart from such care and is still occupying a bed. A patient is ready for transfer when a clinical decision has been made that patient is ready for transfer AND a multi-disciplinary team decision has been made that patient is ready for transfer AND the patient is safe to discharge/transfer.
Data on delayed transfers of care is collected from providers of NHS funded care and can be viewed by the local authority that is responsible for each patient delayed, the agency responsible for delay (NHS, Social Services or both), the type of care that the patient receives (acute or non-acute) and the reason for delay. This data is provided through the Department of Health dataset MSitReps DTOC.
25 Sep 2020
Short label
Days delayed, all, per 100,000 aged 18+
Output precision
a low value is good
Days per 100,000 aged 18+
Delayed transfers of care (monthly)
Monthly situation Report on Acute and Non-Acute Delayed Transfers of Care by Local Authority
NHS England
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