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Planned spend (gross) on other Education and Community, per head of population aged 0-17 (2269) Metric type

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This is the total planned gross spend on Other Education and Community Budget per head of population aged 0-17. Whilst some areas of spending are focused on particular age groups, a common denominator has been used to enable comparisons across all areas of funding. Where appropriate, alternative measures showing spending standardised by more relevant age groups are also available. The LA planned expenditure falls into three high level categories: the ‘Total Schools Budget’, planned expenditure on ‘Other Education and Community Budget’ and planned expenditure on all ‘Children and Young People’s Services including Social Care’. Each of the three categories represents many different funding lines.

The information on planned expenditure is returned to the Department for Education (DfE) by LAs via the well-established ‘Section 251 Budget Return’. Gross figures are actual total estimated costs of the activities before allowance for any expected income, but after allowing for any “buyback” income from the authority’s own schools to avoid double counting.
19 Sep 2020
Also known as
  • Gross planned expenditure on other education and community, per head of population aged 0-17
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Total Other Education & Community (£ per head 0-17)
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not applicable
£ per head of population aged 0-17
Total planned spend (gross)
Section 251 Budget
Department for Education
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