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% of primary pupils with SEN without statements – at school action plus (2217) Metric type Discontinued

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DISCONTINUED DATA - Final available dataset: sch_2013_14

This is the total number of pupils with Special Educational Needs at School Action Plus at state funded primary schools, based on where the pupil attends school. This is expressed as a percentage of the total number of pupils in state funded primary schools.

School Action Plus is when the teacher and the SENCO (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator) are given advice or support from outside specialists. For example a specialist teacher, an educational psychologist, a speech and language therapist or other health professionals). Extra or different help to that provided through School Action can then be put in place.

Schools include maintained primary, primary academies, middle schools deemed and primary free schools.

National and regional totals and total SEN across Local Authorities have been rounded to the nearest 5. There may be discrepancies between totals and the sum of constituent parts.
03 Apr 2020
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  • % of primary pupils with SEN without statements – at school action plus
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SEN - primary, School Action Plus (%)
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not applicable
Per cent
State-funded primary, secondary and special schools: Number of pupils with SEN
Special Educational Needs in England
Department for Education
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