Excess winter deaths index (single year, age 85+) (%) (male) (12179) Metric type

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Excess Winter Deaths Index (EWD Index) is the excess winter deaths measured as the ratio of extra deaths from all causes that occur in all those aged 85 and over in the winter months compared with the expected number of deaths, based on the average of the number of non-winter deaths in those aged 85 and over. The ONS standard method was used: http://www.ons.gov.uk/ons/guide-method/method-quality/quality/quality-information/health-and-social-care/quality-and-methodology-information-for-excess-winter-mortality-in-england-and-wales.pdf

The method defines the winter period as December to March, and compares the number of deaths that occurred in this winter period with the average number of non-winter deaths occurring in the preceding August to November and the following April to July: Excess Winter Deaths = Dec to Mar deaths - ((Aug to Nov deaths + Apr to Jul deaths) / 2)The Excess Winter Deaths Index is calculated as the number of excess winter deaths divided by the average non-winter deaths expressed as a percentage: Excess Winter Deaths Index = (excess winter deaths / average non-winter deaths) x 100
11 Jun 2019
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  • PHOF 4.15ii
  • 4.15ii
  • 4.15ii - Excess winter deaths index (single year, age 85+)
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Excess winter deaths index (single year, age 85+) (%) -male
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a low value is good
Excess winter deaths as a percentage of the average non-winter deaths
Excess winter deaths (single year)
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