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Average delayed transfers of care bed attributable to Social Care (for those aged 18 and over), per 100,000 population (12 month average) (10764) Metric type

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Average number of delayed transfers of care attributable to Social Care on a particular day taken over the year divided by the size of the adult population in the area (aged 18 and over) multiplied by 100,000.

A delayed transfer of care occurs when a patient is ready for transfer from a hospital bed, but is still occupying such a bed. A patient is ready for transfer when:
  • (a) a clinical decision has been made that the patient is ready for transfer AND
  • (b) a multi-disciplinary team decision has been made that the patient is ready for transfer AND
  • (c) the patient is safe to discharge/transfer.

    This is the average of the 12 monthly ?DTOC Beds? figures calculated from the monthly Situation Report (SitRep).
  • Modified
    03 Apr 2020
    Also known as
    • ASCOF 2C(2)
    Short label
    Average DTOC Beds attributable to Social Care per 100,000 (population 18+) (12 month average)
    Output precision
    a low value is good
    Per 100,000 population
    Delayed transfers of care from hospital
    Measures from the Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework, England
    NHS Digital
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