Proportion of carers who reported that they have as much social contact as they would like (10678) Metric type

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This measure is the percentage of carers responding 'I have as much social contact as I want' to the Carers Survey is question 11 'By thinking about social contact youve had with people you like, which statement best describes your present social situation?'

  • I have as much social contact as I want with people I like
  • I have some social contact with people but not enough
  • I have little social contact and I feel socially isolated

    A change in 2014/15 to the weighting methodology for national, regional and council-type results in the SACE was made. For the calculation of regional and national results, each local authority became a stratum and a unique set of weights was calculated for each question by dividing the count of the population of concern by the count of usable responses to that question (the inverse probability of responding to that question) in each local authority. This change improves the accuracy of the aggregate level results because variability in sampling and response rates between local authorities is accounted for.

    In 2016/17 the SACE eligible population changed so that in addition to carers being included that have had a carer's assessment or review from the local authority in the 12 months prior to the survey taking place, carers are also now included who have not been assessed or reviewed during the year.

    Data source: Carers Survey.
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    03 Apr 2020
    also known as
    • ASCOF 1I(2)
    • PHOF 1.18ii
    • 1.18ii
    • 1.18ii - Social Isolation: percentage of adult carers who have as much social contact as they would like
    short label
    % of carers that had as much social contact as they would like
    output precision
    a high value is good
    Per cent
    Adults who use services who reported that they had as much social contact as they would like
    Measures from the Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework, England
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