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Processes list Discontinued

Property Value
dc:descriptionSequences of activities performed to deliver services
skos:definitionA generic process is a term used to describe activities that are generic (or common) to public sector organisations. Collectively the Generic Processes are intended to describe all the activities that a Public Sector organisation undertakes as an aid to gaining an understanding of the organisation and how it is being resourced (at a high level).
The scope of the activity is described together with other ‘Non-preferred terms’. (other commonly used alternative names).
Each generic process is attached to a ‘Life Cycle Point’ to describe the point at which each generic process supports the life cycle of a customer transaction, this can be used to aid the comparison of transaction costs between services and organisations. There is a limitation in that the physical allocated ‘Life Cycle Point’ may differ within individual services from those allocated on the Generic Process List but having them applied consistently at a fixed point should help support a consistent view of transaction life cycle costs.
esd:accuracyContent is based on the collaborative efforts of UK public sector officers and their suppliers. There are no guarantees on accuracy.
dc:audiencePublic sector officers and their suppliers responsible for service improvement.
esd:completenessContent is based on the collaborative efforts of UK public sector officers and their suppliers. There are no guarantees on completeness.
dc:coverageDeveloped for the UK public sector, but has wider relevance.
skos:prefLabelPorism Limited
v:adrSW9 8BJ
esd:intendedLongevityIndefinite. The list forms part of esd-toolkit's Local Government Business Model started in 2002, funded by esd-toolkit subscriptions.
dc:provenanceCreated by the local government esd-toolkit to support an evidence based framework for public sector service improvement.
dc:rightsThis list is licenced under the Open Government Licence and must be attributed to the esd-toolkit programme.
esd:timelinessUpdated quarterly if users identify required modifications.
skos:historyNoteDiscontinued in January 2019. Used for a specific project and no longer required.
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