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Functions list

Property Value
dc:descriptionFunctional hierarchy of local government service areas
esd:statusFormal release
skos:definitionThe Function List is a hierarchy of service groups or activities that a public sector body performs to support information referenced at service group level, rather than in the detail of the full Service List. The high level headings are designed to meet similar objectives regardless of departmental or municipal responsibility. It transcends organisational structure and gathers similar activities into a logical collection that would be globally understood.
Use - to facilitate systems and human readable formats reference top level headings that collect services from differing organisations and countries in logical themed groupings. This enables local international sub-sets both to cross match and feature local services in order that comparisons may be drawn and services delivered to a common definition regardless of nationality.
esd:accuracyContent is based on the collaborative efforts of UK public sector officers and their suppliers. There are no guarantees on accuracy.
dc:audiencePublic sector officers and their suppliers responsible for service improvement.
esd:completenessContent is based on the collaborative efforts of UK public sector officers and their suppliers. There are no guarantees on completeness.
dc:coverageDeveloped for the UK public sector, but has wider relevance.
skos:prefLabelPorism Limited
v:adrSW9 8BJ
esd:intendedLongevityIndefinite. The list forms part of esd-toolkit's Local Government Business Model started in 2002, funded by esd-toolkit subscriptions.
dc:provenanceCreated by the local government esd-toolkit to support an evidence based framework for public sector service improvement.
dc:rightsThis list is licenced under the Open Government Licence and must be attributed to the esd-toolkit programme.
esd:timelinessUpdated roughly quarterly to align with service list. See the modified date.
skos:historyNoteReviewed with mappings to other retained lists in January 2019.
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