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Functions list

The Function List is a hierarchy of service groups or activities that a public sector body performs to support information referenced at service group level, rather than in the detail of the full Service List. The high level headings are designed to meet similar objectives regardless of departmental or municipal responsibility. It transcends organisational structure and gathers similar activities into a logical collection that would be globally understood.
Use - to facilitate systems and human readable formats reference top level headings that collect services from differing organisations and countries in logical themed groupings. This enables local international sub-sets both to cross match and feature local services in order that comparisons may be drawn and services delivered to a common definition regardless of nationality.
01 Sep 2016
This list is licenced under the Open Government Licence and must be attributed to the esd-toolkit programme.
Formal release
History notes
Reviewed with mappings to other retained lists in January 2019.
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