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Corporate - assets (1662) Service

Assets owned by the council for which records are maintained from acquisition until disposal.

Corporate - audit and inspection (1621) Service

Is this still carried out now that the Audit Commission no longer exists?

Corporate - business planning and strategy (1622) Service

Production of a corporate business plan which defines the overall framework within which the organisation works to achieve the corporate objectives.

Corporate - business process improvement (1151) Service

Business Process Improvement (BPI) is the discipline of improving council services using techniques such as Business Process Mapping (BPM) and Activity Based Costing (ABC).

Corporate - communications (1640) Service

Communications with staff, public and other organisations to publicise corporate policy, procedures and marketing

Corporate - education (1667) Service

Management and organisation of education services between the education authority and schools/colleges

Corporate - equalities and diversity (1623) Service

In a context of ‘lighter touch' regulation and inspection, as set out in the public sector Equality Duty, using the EFLG allows Local authorities to use Self-assessment templates to move through the 3 levels of performance: Developing, Achieving, Excellent.

Corporate - health and safety (1624) Service

A Health and Safety Service Plan dedicated to the health and safety enforcement function. It covers all elements of safety relating to premises and functions falling within a local authority’s remit for health and safety enforcement.

Corporate - Information management (990) Service

Strategic development and implementation of ICT and information management systems for use by council staff.

Corporate - insurance (1657) Service

Administration of insurance policies taken out by the council to cover all risks to property or individuals both internally and public facing

Corporate - meeting governance (1784) Service

Organisation of meetings including attendance, scheduling, religious observance and recording of proceedings

Corporate - organisation structure (1626) Service

The structure and naming of the organisation including the name by which the organisation and each working area within the organisation is known and the job roles associated with each working area.

Corporate - partnership working (1627) Service

Agreement to work jointly with another authority or with other public, voluntary or private organisations.

Corporate - policies and procedures (1664) Service

Development, maintenance and implementation of corporate policies and procedures

Corporate - procurement (1629) Service

Procurement of resources, assets and facilities for council business and services. Administration of the procurement process and associated contracts.

Corporate - project management (1628) Service

Details of how projects are organised, skilled, priortised and funded within a council

Corporate - records management (1305) Service

The practice of maintaining the records of an organisation from the time they are created up to their eventual disposal.

Corporate - reporting (1630) Service

The council's approach to reporting performance and where relevant publishing reports.

Corporate - research (1668) Service

Research carried out by or on behalf of the organisation

Corporate - resource planning (1631) Service

From 2013, local councils are able to decide how most of their grants from central government should be spent in their area. This Plan sets out a Local Authority’s strategy.

Corporate - retention schedules (996) Service

Development of policies and procedures for the retention of documents or records and their disposal

Corporate - service management (1632) Service

Management of internal procedures and facilities involved in the delivery of services

Corporate - workforce plan (1625) Service

A Workforce Plan sets out future requirements and policies in order to deliver what public sector services are essential to a Local Authority’s customers, what delivery structures are most appropriate, what skills, behaviours, attitudes and performance is needed from employees and how recruitment should be handled to devlop the workforce it requires

Facilities - accessible buildings (952) Service

Design or adaptations intended to ensure access to and use of public buildings by people with disabilities

Facilities - air handling units (953) Service

Management of air handling units in council offices

Facilities - asbestos (954) Service

Management of asbestos on council run public buildings

Facilities - catering services (955) Service

Provision and management of catering services to staff or for meetings

Facilities - consumables (1633) Service

Sets out a transparent framework for the provision and payment of items most commonly used within a local authority to keep its offices stocked.

Facilities - council property (956) Service

Provision, management and maintenance of office space and other buildings provided by the council for use by council officers and local citizens.

Facilities - energy and fuel (957) Service

Procurement and efficient use of energy and fuel

Facilities - equipment (1301) Service

Provision & management of equipment/stationary within council offices

Facilities - graphic design (958) Service

Provision or use of graphic design services (internally or externally provided and often rechargeable)

Facilities - hazardous substances (959) Service

Dealing with hazardous substances in any council owned property in accordance with relevant legislation .

Facilities - internal mail (1299) Service

Provision & management of internal mail systems within council offices

Facilities - internal room bookings (951) Service

Provision and management of meeting rooms, including the provision of catering and equipment and procurement of externally hosted meeting space, if required

Facilities - management (1658) Service

Management of council offices to ensure the safety and security of staff and visitors

Facilities - noise (960) Service

Dealing with any reported or identified noise nuisances on council owned land or property.

Facilities - planned maintenance (961) Service

Planned programme of repairs and maintenance to premises and facilities equipment.

Facilities - printing and copying (962) Service

Provision of printing and copying services to staff, including self operated equipment or centrally controlled print services

Facilities - reactive repairs (963) Service

Unplanned repairs to premises or facilities equipment, from initial report to completion

Facilities - reception (1300) Service

Provision & management of reception services within council offices.

Facilities - risk assessments (1347) Service

The determination of the level of risk in a particular course of action. Risk assessments are an important tool in areas such as health and safety management and environmental management.

Facilities - staff/visitor car parking (964) Service

Provision and maintenance of car parking facilities for staff and visitors at council offices.

Facilities - water (966) Service

Provision and maintenance of water supplies in council offices.

Facilities -fleet ownership and maintenance (965) Service

Management and maintenance of council owned vehicles

Finance - accounting (967) Service

Standard accounting procedures including carry forward, balance sheet, reserves, cash flow, certification of accounts, financial statements and accounting policies

Finance - financial management (968) Service

Processing of funds and grants (inwards and outwards) and write-off of debts.

Finance - financial planning (969) Service

Process of developing, implementing and monitoring financial plans, including reviews. Preparing budgets and managing cash flow and reserves.

Finance - fund management (970) Service

Management of pension fund, trust funds and passporting (The transfer, without reduction, of funds from central government to identified services)

Finance - indemnification for members and officers (1700) Service

The council should indemnify each member and officer of the council against any claim, liability, loss and/or damage in relation to any action of, or failure to act by a member or officer when acting on behalf of the council in carrying out their duties.

Finance - inter-organisational charging (1620) Service

Charging of staff time and/or use of equipment between departments within the organisation

Finance - management and control (971) Service

Adoption and development of policies and procedures for accounting practice

Finance - revenue and customs (972) Service

Calculation of income tax, national insurance, VAT and stamp duties

ICT - business continuity (985) Service

Preparing a business continuity plan for the LA such that they would be able to carry on their business in the event of a major emergency incident

ICT - data management (986) Service

Internal advice on how data should be shared and handled across the organistion and with partners. Reference to ICO is advised as if personal information is dealt with registration with the ICO as a data controller is required. Notification is a statutory requirement and every organisation that processes personal information must notify the ICO, unless they are exempt. Failure to notify is a criminal offence.

ICT - hardware (987) Service

Policy, purchase and installation of hardware for use by LA personnel

ICT - help desk (988) Service

Provision of first line support to users of ICT equipment and systems, form initial request to resolution

ICT - maintenance (1634) Service

Repair and routine visits to keep hardware equipment and systems online.

ICT - manuals (1660) Service

Manuals on operation of ICT facilities - hardware and software

ICT - networks (991) Service

Implementation and management of computer networks used by council officers.

ICT - peripherals (989) Service

Purchase and installation of peripheral IT equipment

ICT - resource management (1635) Service

A stratgey, cost plan and future forecast of ICT needs

ICT - security (1659) Service

Policy and procedures for maintaining the security of information held by the council including user access.

ICT - software (992) Service

Research, recommendation, purchase and installation of software for use by LA employees

ICT - Web site (993) Service

Creation and maintenance of the LA website

Legal - advice (994) Service

Provision of legal advice to the council in respect of service and organisational issues, including the procurement of specialist advice

Legal - case management (1671) Service

Proceedings of any legal cases in which the authority is involved

Legal - contracts (1669) Service

Legal procdures related to any contracts awarded or taken out by the authority

Legal - judicial review (1670) Service

Proceedings of any judicial review on actions carried out by or authorised by a public sector body

Legal - land and property (1663) Service

Legal procedures realting to the purchase, administration or sale of any public land and property

Legal - litigation (995) Service

Provision of litigation support to the council in respect of service or organisational issues, including the procurement of specialist litigation support

Members - allowances (1028) Service

Payment of allowances and expenses to members

Members - committee membership (997) Service

A committee is a group of councillors chosen by the Council to make decisions about an area of service such as Planning or Licensing and Appeals. Councillors appointed to serve on Committees reflect the overall political make-up of the Council. The Council decides the size of committees and appoints the Chair. Committees set the objectives and policy for their service and oversee their implementation by the officers.

Members - communications (1026) Service

The council should have a clear policy on communication with members which should include what information is provided, what support is provided, how the information is provided and who is responsible.

Members - democratic services - advice (998) Service

Professional advice to members and the public on democratic services and functions, including advice on the design of the committee structures

Members - elections - polling stations (999) Service

Provision, manning and publicity for polling stations, including the payment of staff (exclude manning and payment)

Members - elections - results (1000) Service

Appointment of a returning officer, the arrangements for the count (including recruitment and payment of staff) and the declaration of results as well as the publication.

Members - electoral cycle (1675) Service

The frequency with which elections for council members are held which is determined by the council. Options are whole council (all councillors elected at one time), by halves (half the councillors elected every 2 years) or by thirds (one third of the councillors elected every year with no election each fourth year.

Members - executive forward plan (1024) Service

Each council is required to provide a forward plan of key decisions to be made by the executive. The plan is required to cover a period of four months and to be updated every month.

Members - honours and awards (1025) Service

Nominations for honours and awards from the council for staff, members and the community

Members - induction and training (1029) Service

Provision of induction and training for new members and ongoing development support to existing

Members - minutes, agendas and reports (1030) Service

By law, the Council must produce an accurate record of all decisions taken and recommendations made by the Council and its Committees and Panels. Where these contain matters of a personal or confidential nature such documents need not be made available to the public but should be circulated to relevant members using appropriate communication channels.

Members - overview and scrutiny (1031) Service

Each council should set up overview and scrutiny committees whose job is to Look back at decisions that have been taken, look forward to future decisions, making reports and recommendations on things that the executive does, as well as other aspects of the council's work, Measure performance and how effective previously implemented decisions have been and scrutinise how well council policies, strategies and services work and suggest improvements.

Members - political offices (1032) Service

Offices staffed by non-political officers to enable the authority's elected members (councillors) go about their business in the most effective and efficient way. The group offices are there to provide a full secretarial and administrative support service to the elected politicians.

Members - secretariat (1027) Service

Provision of member support services, including diary management, secretarial support etc

Staff - accommodation (1718) Service

Provision of housing for employees

Staff - annual leave (1302) Service

An employee has the right to take annual leave, subject to the right of the supervisor to schedule the time at which annual leave may be taken.

Staff - appraisal (973) Service

formal process of assessing staff performance against targets and for setting future expectations

Staff - apprenticeships (1298) Service

Paid work based training combined with post-secondary education.

Staff - benefits (1661) Service

A range of benefits may be provided to staff working for the council. Benefits may be subject to eligibility critieria such as length of service.

Staff - business travel (1656) Service

Policies and procedures for staff travelling for business purposes. This covers use of public transport, leased vehicles and use of staff members own vehicles.

Staff - continuing professional development (1128) Service

Providing staff in all service areas with information, tools and training to support their ongoing professional development.

Staff - disciplinary procedures (974) Service

Publication and implementation of disciplinary procedures relating to employment matters.

Staff - disclosure of interests (1665) Service

Disclosure of financial and non-financial officer interests that could conflict with the Council's interest

Staff - employment tribunals (1297) Service

Tribunal non-departmental public bodies which have statutory jurisdiction to hear many kinds of disputes between employers and employees.

Staff - equal pay (975) Service

The council has a responsibility to ensure that staff are not discriminated against and that equal pay is awarded to all staff performing the same role. This involves reviewing the councils pay policy for all staff and associated employment terms.

Staff - expenses (1727) Service

Payment of legitimately incurred business expenses to officers and others working for of the organisation.

Staff - grievance (1290) Service

Investigation of any grievances raised by LA staff. This may include a formal hearing with all involved parties to investigate the complaint and decide on any further action.

Staff - job analysis (976) Service

Job Evaluation or analysis requires councils to review their local pay arrangements. It is a method used to establish a fair and equal pay and grading structure, and to ensure that all jobs are evaluated in the same way by looking at factors for jobs rather than at individual members of staff.

Staff - occupational health (977) Service

provision of occupational health services and checks for staff, including periodic medical assessments

Staff - outplacement (978) Service

Placing a staff member either temporarily or permanently with another council or organisation

Staff - payroll (979) Service

Pay policy and payment, including performance related pay

Staff - pension scheme (1770) Service

A local authority or fire and rescue authority operates a public service pension scheme providing pension benefits for local government workers, teachers, health service workers, fire and rescue workers and anyone employed by the authority. Such a scheme must be operated in accordance with any published code of practice.

Staff - procedures (1304) Service

Provision & maintenance of procedures within council offices.

Staff - public holidays (980) Service

Each council should publish a policy on public holidays each year and ensure that the policy covers part-time workers and alternative arrangements for staff who are required to work on public holidays.

Staff - recognition (1666) Service

Recognition of staff achievement and/or recommendation of staff for honours

Staff - redeployment (981) Service

Each council should have a policy on redeployment of staff (including additional training where appropriate) in situations where staff are displaced or faced with significant change to their job as a result of internal restructuring.

Staff - reorganisations (982) Service

Reorganisation of the internal workforce of the council

Staff - sickness management (1143) Service

Procedures and strategies for dealing with staff sickness, to reduce the number of working days lost by work related injury and ill health.

Staff - telephone charges (1303) Service

The charges accrued by staff who make personal calls from work.

Staff - victimisation (983) Service

Preparing a policy, implementing the policy and dealing with reports of victimisation in the workplace for council employees

Staff - workplace bullying (984) Service

Preparing a policy, implementing the policy and dealing with reports of bullying in the workplace for council employees