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Local government services list

The Local Government Service List is a collection of services that a council (or other public sector body) in the UK provides to or on behalf of those who live, work and pass through the area for which they are responsible. Not all councils perform all services in the list but it gives a common set of actions from which to choose.

A service is a set of actions or activities undertaken by a council (or other public sector body) to deliver a product or conclusion. Services are usually provided at the request of a customer either as a one-off request (for example planning applications, parking permits) or as a result of the circumstances of the customer (for example local resident, local business, disabled). Services are provided by a public sector body either as a power (a legal right), a duty (a legal obligation) or at its discretion

A service list provides a standard way of referring to each service when communicating within and between organisations. It uses unique numeric identifiers for each service, irrespective of the language and naming conventions that are used by different people and organisations to identify or describe services. The service list uses terminology that is recognised within the public sector but may not necessarily be understood by the customer. Other lists provide a customer facing view of services which can be used to provide information on services to the public (such as in a web site).

Use - to define a core set of tasks that are common to most public sector bodies, allowing communication across boundaries by describing the responsibilities unequivocally within a controlled list of terms.The LGSL is used extensively by many public sector bodies and is recognised as a standard by Communities and Local Government and the Cabinet Office.
31 Mar 2018
This list is licenced under the Open Government Licence and must be attributed to the esd-toolkit programme.
Formal release
History notes
Full review in January 2019 to deprecate services no longer mandated/allowed by legislation. Update of some service names to reflect currently used terminology.
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