Personal list

Addict or substance abuser Circumstance collection

A person who has a history of addiction or substance abuse

Both Housing Benefits and Council Tax Benefits Circumstance

  • Benefits claimant

People who receive both housing and council tax benefits.

Chronically ill Circumstance collection

An individual who has a long term illness which requires ongoing medical treatment and/or care

Domestic violence Circumstance

Individual who is a victim of domestic violence or is living in a home where domestic violence occurs

Family representative Circumstance

Family member acting on behalf of a service user

Financial difficulties Circumstance

A person who has financial difficulties or is in debt

Not English Circumstance

  • Non-English speaker

People whose first language is not English.

Parent Circumstance collection

The parental status of a person including age of children

Providing care Circumstance

  • Carer

The provider of healthcare.

Qualifications Circumstance collection

Level of educational attainment

WorkingStatus Circumstance collection

The current working status of an individual