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Help and advice for adults Function

Advocacy for social care clients (728) Service

Providing access to someone who can advocate on behalf of a social services client to ensure that they receive equal rights by writing letters, making phone calls, liaising with relevant agencies etc. on the clients behalf.

Alcohol advice and support (727) Service

This service provides counselling advice and support for people affected by alcohol abuse/dependency.

Counselling (163) Service

Counselling services for individuals who have been identified as having particular needs to help sort through personal difficulties. These services may not be provided by the local authority but the authority may provide information on their availability.

Disabled people - employment and training schemes (239) Service

Advice and support on training and employment available to people with physical, sensory or other disabilities. This includes advice on legal issues surrounding employment. The advice may be provided by the local authority or through third party organisations and includes schemes such as 'Supported Employment Schemes'.

Drugs advice and support (730) Service

This service offers confidential help and support to people affected by abuse of both illegal drugs and prescribed drugs.

Gambling addiction advice and support (1820) Service

Advice and support for anyone affected by problem gambling. Typically services are available both to individuals who have a problem with gambling and to families and friends of problem gamblers.

Management of personal financial affairs (917) Service

Administering the financial affairs of people who may be living in their own home or a residential home who are having difficulty managing their own affairs. As appointee the council will arrange to receive their income from the Benefits Agency and pay their bills.

Pet care when hospitalised (200) Service

The local authority provides information and advice regarding pet care when people go into hospital.

Skills for living (1794) Service

Helping individuals with learning difficulties and/or disabilities to learn skills that support independent living and developing skills for work. Courses aim to equip learners with the skills to be able to manage tasks more independently, both at home and in the community. These include such topics as personal health and hygiene, personal and social development, and cooking

Translation and interpreting (169) Service

The local authority provides interpreting and translation services to people who need help because the national language is not their first language and also sign language interpreting to deaf people.

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