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Housing grants Function

Discretionary Housing Payment (1148) Service

The Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) scheme covers shortfalls between rental liability and payment of Housing Benefit and shortfalls between Council Tax liability and entitlement to Council Tax Benefit. Every claimant who is entitled to the minimum amount of Housing Benefit and or Council Tax Benefit and who has a shortfall is entitled to make a claim for help.

Home improvement loans (858) Service

Local authorities may provide financial assistance (in the form of a mortgage or secured loan) to existing or prospective homeowners to enable them to carry out improvements and repairs on their property.

Home renovation grants (433) Service

Home renovation grants may be available to repair or improve privately owned dwellings and to bring empty properties back into use.

Keeping warm in winter (269) Service

The Central Heating Programme provides central heating systems and insulation measures in the private sector where the householder or their spouse is 60 or over, and there is no system or one which is irreparably broken. In addition, applicants aged 80 or over can receive upgrades and replacements of partial or inefficient systems.

Local Housing Allowance (1147) Service

Local Housing Allowance (LHA) is for people on a low income renting from a private landlord. The LHA is based on the broad rental market area and the number of bedrooms the tenant is allowed (based on who lives with them), not on how much their rent is.

Private tenants rent assistance (1154) Service

The service is to assist private tenants to move into a property and avoid the need to find council accommodation for them.

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