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Hazardous materials Function

Firework safety advice (426) Service

A local authority provides guidance leaflets and materials for organisers of firework displays for the public, retailers selling fireworks, schools and the media, including the firework safety code.

Petroleum storage licence (810) Service

Petrol filling stations and any other premises that store petrol for combustion engines must apply for a petroleum licence .

Petroleum storage licence/certificate (697) Service

A Petroleum Enforcement Authority (PEA) is responsible for issuing either a petroleum storage certificate for dispensing premises or a licence to store petrol at other types of premises

Poisons licence (380) Service

Registration of persons entitled to sell poisons included in part II of the poisons list. In order that a business is able to supply these types of products then it must be registered with the local authority and retained on that authorities list of persons entitled to sell poisons.

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