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Carers Function

Adult carers advice and support (225) Service

Provision of advice and support for adult carers who care for the elderly, children with special needs and adults with physical or learning disabilities. Carers may be entitled to receive additional help and support for their own needs from the local authority.

Advocacy for carers (162) Service

Advocacy on behalf of carers may include raising awareness of carers issues and helping to keep them on the agenda of all relevant agencies, setting out key values and principles for services to carers in the form of a local Carers Charter and improving the quality and increasing the availability of information to carers.

Alternative care providers (732) Service

Independent agencies who provide care for adults and children within the local area. Care agencies may provide any from the range of care services such as residential care, care at home, sheltered housing and day care. The council may use these agencies to provide care services.

Carers allowance (1437) Service

Carers allowance is a weekly benefit for carers who regularly spend at least 35 hours a week caring for a disabled person. The allowance is intended to compensate someone who is unable to work because they are a carer. However, some carers may be able to do some paid work whilst caring

Carers assessment (1755) Service

Anyone who is caring for another person for a substantial amount of time has the right to have a carers assessment to identify their needs where either the person they are caring for has refused an assessment or is not receiving help from social care. The assessment is available to both adult carers and young carers.

Carers support groups (298) Service

Groups and organisations that provide advice and support for those who are caring for adults or children with special needs.

Respite care for adults (227) Service

Temporary placement in residential accommodation or provision of an alternative qualified carer where someone is receiving regular care with the aim of giving both the carer and their families a break.

Short breaks (1790) Service

Short breaks enable children and young people with disabilities and/or additional needs to join in with safe, fun and interesting activities and to give parents or full-time carers an opportunity to have a short break from caring.

Young carers support (300) Service

Support, information and advice for young carers and their families. The service provides recreational respite, advocacy, a befriending service and therapeutic support to young people who have caring responsibilities for a relative with a long-term illness or disability.

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