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Consultations Function

Community engagement (366) Service

Community engagement provides a link between local people, local organisations and decision makers. Physical or virtual meetings and dialogues provide an opportunity for local leaders to listen to the views of their communities and for local people to have their say.

Petitions (1306) Service

The Council will consider a petition from the public on any issue of local concern for which the Council has responsibility. A petition is a formal written request made to a local authority/organised body, often containing many signatures and normally requesting some form of action.

Service delivery consultation (867) Service

Consulting with individuals and businesses to ensure that services meet the needs of customers. This allows service users and other interested parties to have opportunities to be involved in planning, prioritising and monitoring of services. It also gives customers an opportunity to see all consultation activity, both current and in the past.

Spending plans consultation (658) Service

Arrangement of public meetings or other means by which citizens can be consulted on budget plans for the forthcoming year. Previous consultations may be published or available for view on request.

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