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Library membership Function

Joining a library (438) Service

Processing of requests to join a local library including assessment of eligibility, issuing of library cards etc. Publication of information about joining a library.

Library facilities (437) Service

Information about libraries and library services which are available in the local area.

Library fines (443) Service

Issuing of reminders and processing of fines for borrowed items which are not returned by the due date.

Library loan renewals (440) Service

Loans from libraries may be renewed or extended subject to availability. The library will check eligibility for renewal and advise the borrower of the revised return date.

Library loans (1141) Service

The council provides libraries which are free to join, where members can borrow items. Books are usually loaned free of charge, typically for three weeks. Other services, such as loans of VHS cassettes, DVDs and CDs, will usually incur a small charge per week.

Library reservations (441) Service

Library members can reserve any item which is not currently available for loan but which exists in the library catalogue, usually upon payment of a small charge. The librarian will inform the member when their ordered item is ready for collection.

Library sales (446) Service

The library service may offer books which are no longer required in the library collection for sale to the public.

Mobile libraries (444) Service

Mobile libraries serve communities and locations that are some distance from a local library building. The facilities provided are usually similar to those of a local library but the availability of items, unless ordered in advance, may be restricted.

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