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Business rates Function

Business rate relief (55) Service

Business owners may be eligible for reductions in their business rates. Examples of reductions are transitional relief, empty properties, charity relief, rural rate relief and hardship relief. The council provides advice on eligibility for rate reductions and will provide application forms and process applications for reductions.

Business rate supplement (1672) Service

County councils, unitary district councils and the Greater London Authority are entitled to levy a supplement on the national non-domestic rate (or business rate). Authorities will be able to use the proceeds to fund additional investment aimed at promoting the economic development of local areas.

Business rates account enquiries (56) Service

Local businesses can apply to the council for information about their own business rates such as a statement of their account, details of their property valuation etc. New businesses must apply to the council for a valuation of their property and to set up a new business rate account.

Business rates annual notification (54) Service

Providing local business with information on who is required to pay business rates, how business rates are calculated for a property (valuation), how to pay business rates.

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