Alcohol and entertainment Function

Child performance licences (48) Service

A licence is required for school age children to perform in the theatre or on television. Before granting a licence the Education Authority will liaise with the Headteacher of the child's school to ensure that the child's education will not suffer should that licence be granted.

Children's certificate (1069) Service Discontinued

Children under 14 are not allowed in bars in public houses or hotels unless a Children's Certificate has been granted. This allows them to sit at a table and have a meal at any time between 11am and 8pm in the area approved by the Licensing Board.

Civil marriage and civil partnership venue licence (1296) Service

The owner or manager of any premises planning to host civil weddings or partnership ceremonies must hold a licence to do so. The licensed venue must be a permanent structure and the building itself must be in good repair and must have suitable fire precautions in place.

Club premises certificate (646) Service

A club premises certificate is required by social, sporting or political members clubs in order to sell or supply alcohol and/or provide regulated entertainment, like musical performances or film screenings to members or guests.

Early morning restrictions orders (1692) Service

An Early Morning Alcohol Restriction Order (EMRO) enables licensing authorities to restrict sales of alcohol in the whole or a part of their areas for any specified period between 12 midnight and 6 am, if they consider this appropriate for the promotion of the licensing objectives.

Greyhound racing track licence (1357) Service

A licence may be required in order to operate a track for greyhound racing. In the UK anyone wishing to open a greyhound racing track which is not a member of the Greyhound Board of Great Britain (GBGB) must obtain a licence.

Personal alcohol and entertainment licence (910) Service

Granting of personal licences to individuals to supply, or to authorise the supply of alcohol.

Premises licence (860) Service

Any premises requires a licence in order to carry out retail sale of alcohol or the provision of regulated entertainment or the provision of late night refreshment. A premises can be any location where such activities take place including a building, a moveable structure, an open space, a vehicle or vessel.

Restricted hotel licence (1076) Service

A restricted hotel licence for premises is required where a main meal at midday or evening is supplied and alcohol is sold as an ancillary and is also available for residents to buy.

Sports grounds safety certificate (842) Service

Designated sports grounds are required to obtain a licence in order to operate. The certificate contains such terms and conditions as the local authority considers necessary or expedient to secure reasonable safety at the stadium when it is in use for the specified activity or activities. The specified activities could include non-sporting activities in addition to the sporting activities which initially attract the application. In the UK designated grounds are those with a capacity of more than 10,000, or in the case of Premier or Football League ground more than 5,000. These figures can be amended by the Executive using powers in legislation.

Sports stands safety certificate (1256) Service

A safety certificate is required in respect of the use, at a sports ground, which is not a designated sports ground, (i.e. stadiums with a capacity of more than 10,000, or in the case of a Premier or Football League ground, more than 5,000), of each stand which provides covered accommodation for 500 or more spectators to view activities at the ground. Such a stand is referred to as a 'regulated stand'.

Stage hypnotism licence (1160) Service

All performances which involve hypnotism must be licenced and the premises in which the performance is to be held must also be licensed for regulated entertainment.

Temporary event notice (1071) Service

An event organiser who wishes to provide alcohol or certain types of entertainment must issue a Temporary Event Notice. The notice is issued to the local licensing authority (usually the borough, district or unitary council) and the police, either of whom can object to the Notice.

Wedding venue licence (318) Service

A licence is needed by a minister, proprietor or trustee of a place of worship to become a place where marriages can take place.