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Museums and galleries Function

Museum and gallery loans, donations and bequests (621) Service

Items exhibited in local museums and galleries may be provided by private individuals either on loan (usually for the duration of an exhibition), as a donation or as a bequest upon the death of the owner. The local authority makes arrangements to receive the items, ensure their safety while on display and (where on loan) their return to the owner.

Museum and gallery shops (839) Service

Sale of prints, pictures, books etc. in galleries and arts centres run by the local authority.

Museum collections (1018) Service

Information about collections on display in local museums. Collections may be of local or national interest and may be permanently on display within local museums or available for a limited period of time.

Museum events and exhibitions (1020) Service

Information about any events or exhibitions organised at museums with the local authority area.

Museums and galleries (620) Service

Information and advice on museums and galleries in the local area. The galleries and museums may be owned and operated by the local authority or by other public bodies. The council may also choose to provide information on privately run museums and galleries in the local area.

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