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Local history and heritage Function

Archive loans, donations, bequests and sales (604) Service

Information of local interest which is available for viewing by the community are often donated, bequeathed or loaned to the records office by local residents and historians. The local authority should have a standard agreement which is used to details terms of the loan or donation.

Archive withdrawals (605) Service

A depositor may permanently withdraw their records at any time, provided notice is given to the Record Office. During this period of notice, the local authority reserves the right to copy the records and to make these copies available for private research

Armed forces community covenant (1654) Service

The aim of the community covenant is to encourage local communities to support the service community in their area and promote understanding and awareness among the public of issues affecting the armed forces community.

Community asset transfer (1653) Service

The transfer of land or buildings from the council's freehold ownership into the stewardship and/or ownership of third sector organisations. Local people are often best placed to manage community facilities in their area. They already make extensive use of these assets and their local knowledge and hands-on management often results in lower overheads and better value-for-money. Organisations are able to apply for a community asset transfer of facilities where they can put a business case and show the community benefit for doing so.

Historic sites maintenance (841) Service

Maintenance and preservation of sites of historical or cultural interest and ancient monuments within the local authority area. In many cases this may be undertaken jointly or wholly by third party organisations. Local authorities are obliged to maintain a list of all monuments in their area, which is available for public inspection.

Memorial provision and maintenance (849) Service

Provision, cleaning and maintenance of memorials (e.g. war memorials) and other structures such as statues, clocks etc. situated within the local authority boundary. In some cases this may be undertaken by church or other local organisations rather than the local authority.

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